Days of our Lives: June 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: June 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins in the Kiriakis mansion.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) has packed all of her bags and is struggling to get them down the stairs.  (Victor kicked her out of the house previously on Days of our Lives.)  Chloe tries to give her house key back to Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), but he wants her to keep it.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is on the phone with someone, discussing some kind of deal.  He says he has the money, in cash.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) overhears the conversation and asks what's going on.

John (Drake Hogestyn) makes a date with Ava for dinner tonight at his mansion.  He also meets with Paul Hollingsworth at the Java Cafe and asks him if he is working with Philip and if he was the one who planted the drugs on his ship.  Morgan walks in and sees her father fraternizing with John.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) goes to the pub looking for Max, but instead chit chats with Dean Robbins.  Max (Darin Brooks) comes in and demands to know what the hell he is doing there.  Max tries to kick Robbins out of the pub, and Robbins accuses Max of being dumb.  I really hope they explain this soon.  How did such a small secondary character like Dean Robbins become such a villain?  Stephanie wants to know what's going on with Max.  Stephanie goes up to Max's room upstairs and snoops around.  She finds a picture of a woman in his bottom drawer and asks who it is.  Max is furious that she would go through his things, and finally admits that the woman in the picture is his real mom.  Stephanie apologizes and Max softens a bit.  She asks him about his mother.  He doesn't have very many memories of her, but he shares the ones that he still has.  Stephanie suggests that he try to find her.  Max doesn't want to, and he doesn't want her to tell anyone else about it.

Chloe is a little bit pissed that Philip didn't stand up to Victor and defend her more, but she seems resigned that there's nothing she can do.  Philip pays lip service to the fact that he wants Chloe around, but I'm not sure that he really means it.  They start kissing briefly, and Philip hands over a wad of cash to cover her living expenses.  She refuses the money.

Morgan asks what John and Paul are talking about.  Paul and John cover their tracks, and Morgan breaks her usual Miss Manners mold and asks John to stay away from her father.  John obliges, and Paul feels emasculated.

Lucas immediately pretends that he's ordering a pizza, and then snarks at Sami about EJ.  They rehash the recent events about how Lucas let Ali wander outside the perimeter and he had to leave the house to get her, which led to his arrest.  Sami makes it clear that even though they have all made mistakes, she chooses Lucas and she loves Lucas.  He nosewhistles and scowls that he can't be with her.  He says that he wants her, but he can't get past the EJ-factor.  John interrupts their argument by bounding into the room with two kinds of new colognes.  He asks Sami for her opinion on which cologne releases her female desires.  Um.  Creepy?  He tells her that he's getting ready for a hot date tonight with his lady friend and he's going to need privacy.  Sami is now convinced that all the men in this house are insane.  The doorbell rings, and Lucas answers the door.  It's the person he was on the phone with earlier, making the deal.  Lucas guys a device that disables his ankle monitor.  The first place he decides to go is down to the docks.

At the Java Cafe, Sami runs into Chloe and snarks about getting kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion.  Sami also makes cracks about how she should make money by singing in the subway.  Wait, Salem has a subway?  Sami is still very angry at Chloe for Brady's addiction, and Chloe tries to defend herself.  Sami asks her why she didn't stay in Europe and fight for her marriage and the man she loves.  After some bickering, Sami and Chloe share the briefest of friendly moments, and Chloe reminds Sami that she should try to make it work with Lucas.

Sami comes home and tells John that he shouldn't be dating other women because it would upset Marlena.

Morgan pays a visit to Philip and asks him what she should do about her father.  She says that she caught her dad talking to John, knowledge that Philip can surely use.  Philip gets a call from Paul who tells him that John might be onto him, and he wants all his money now.  He also says that he was the one who planted the drugs on the ship.  Wow, it would be so easy to tap their cellphones, but Paul isn't very careful about what is coming out of his mouth.  Paul wants his money, but Philip hangs up on him.  He then flirtatiously asks Morgan to stick around.  He holds her hand and offers her a drink.  She accepts.  Chloe uses her key and comes back to find Philip macking on another girl.  Upset, she leaves after leaving her key on the hall table.  She goes to the docks to cry.  Lucas is still there, so he hides when he hears her coming.  Sami, looking for Lucas, calls his cell phone, which is on vibrate, but he doesn't answer.  Sami finds the paper bag with the electronic ankle monitor device thingie in it and immediately realizes what Lucas did.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie still wants to know about Max's beef with Dean Robbins, Chloe wants to form an alliance with Lucas, John has his date with Ava.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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