Days of our Lives: July 9 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 9 Live Thoughts
The lights are still out on Days of our Lives today.  The power in Salem is slowly coming back, but the pub is filled to the gills.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) come back to the pub after checking up on Joey because Max (Darin Brooks) asked them to come by to ask them for help finding his sister.

EJ (James Scott) catches up with Nicole, who gets all avoidy on him.  She pretends that the sex they had in the elevator was no big deal.

Roman (Josh Taylor), Bo (Peter Reckell) and Abe (James Reynolds) ask Morgan to come down to the station to read the letter that Paul wrote to her.

EJ tells Nicole that their sex wasn't just for fun, even though he doesn't know exactly what it means yet.  He doesn't want to pretend that nothing happened because it was special for him.  She agrees that it was special for him, but then who should stop by but Trent Robbins, who skeevily says hello to Nicole.  EJ and Trent introduce themselves to each other.  Everyone is very guarded around everyone else.  EJ takes his leave, and Trent jealously asks what's going on with them.  Trent pries into Nicole's business, saying that everything she does is his business.  He threatens that he doesn't want to reconnect with her if she's involved with another man, so he orders her to break things off with  EJ, or else.  She says no, and goes into the pub.  She sits down with EJ and tells him that they can never have sex again.  Trent's hold on her is strong.  She makes the excuse that she wants more than just sex with him, but because of Sami, that's not possible.  Then she leaves, under Trent's watchful eye.

Max explains to Steve and Kayla about his relationship with Trent and his potential sister.  Steve promises to help, but he wants Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) to promise to stay away from Trent.  She can't promise that.  Kayla backs her up, and Steve relents a bit.  Stephanie shows her parents the European phone number that Max called from Trent's cell phone.  Steve offers to track down the number and find an address.

Meanwhile, Max tells Caroline (Peggy McCay) that he has something else to stay.  He tells her that his bio dad is Trent, and Caroline recognizes him because she met him briefly years ago.  He also tells her that he might have a sister as well.  Caroline is endlessly supportive.

Everyone notices that Trent is standing outside the pub with Nicole.  Steve gets a call back from his informant about the phone number.  The number is registered to a woman named Melanie Leighton.  Caroline goes out to Trent and puts him on notice like mama bear.  If he hurts Max, he's going to have  to answer to her.  Go Caroline!

Down at the police station, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) interrupts Morgan's meeting with the cops.  He's there to see Lucas who got arrested again for violating his house arrest.  Philip then runs into Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) who gets immediately jealous that he was just talking to Morgan.  Philip tries to explain how complicated his relationship with Morgan is.  Chloe is sick of hearing it, so she says that she's already moved on.  He wants to know with whom, but Chloe doesn't say.  Instead, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is escorted out.  Chloe tells Philip to do something to help Lucas because he came to see her last night.  She finally admits that the man she moved on with his Lucas, and yes, she slept with him.

Morgan opens her father's letter and reads it.  It's a mea culpa.  He doesn't directly confess anything specific, but he says that he's not completely above ground, and he wants to give her something that she'll need in case anything happens to him.  Bo and Roman ask her what that thing is, but she can't think of anything he gave her.

Lexie (Renee Jones) brings Theo down to tthe police station to see Abe.  Theo starts acting up and runs away.  Abe says he'll take some time off to join them for lunch, but Lexie insists that he stay at work.  Things might be looking up between these two because they seem more considerate of each other.  Lexie and Theo go to the pub for some chowder, and Theo acts all autistic, making it awkward with Caroline.

Next on Days of our Lives:: More of the same.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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