Days of our Lives: July 8 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 8 Live Thoughts
Today's Days of our Lives begins immediately where yesterday's Days of our Lives left off.  Max (Darin Brooks) has just stolen Trent Robbins' cell phone and dials a number.  A girl - Trent's daughter - answers.  Also, at the Salem Inn, EJ (James Scott) and Nicole are in the throes of lovemaking, stuck in the elevator.  Nicole daydreams that he and Nicole are married and Sami (Alison Sweeney) gets totally jealous.  Next door in the other elevator, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Chloe are also going at it.  Lucas tells Chloe that she's incredible, and that he's through with Sami.

The girl on the phone demands to know who Max is, and then she hangs up.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is really excited at the prospect that Max might have a sister.  Roman (Josh Taylor) shows up at the pub and asks what's up.  The pub still has electricity because they have solar panels.  Caroline has decided to turn the pub into a shelter for the elderly and infirm since they still have AC running.  Max agrees to keep the pub open as long as he has to.  Roman takes off, and Max and Stephanie talk about Max's potential sister.  Then we have like 20 minutes of flashbacks from Days of our Lives two weeks ago, which I am tuning out and refuse to recap.  When we get back to the present day, Stephanie gets water and cold compresses together, and Max continues to get further steamed at his bio dad.  Stephanie suggests that he talk to Bo, since Bo isn't biologically a Brady either, and eventually Max comes around to Stephanie's point of view.  Max resolves to try to find his potential sister.  Stephanie suggests that he call her again, but he wants to snoop around and get more info first.

EJ and Nicole are done having sex and are dismayed to learn that they have run out of champagne.  Nicole says that everything is perfect, her and EJ together.  She thanks him for reminding her how special making love can be.

Out in the lobby, Sami is still hanging out, trying to reach Lucas, who is not answering his cell.  The firefighters are about to manually lower one of the elevator cars.  The first car that is lowered is EJ's.  When they get to the lobby, Sami sees that he is in a state of undress with Nicole.  Sami is furious that he would cheat on her in an elevator.  EJ says that Sami made it clear that they were through, so he is not to blame for anything.  She's glad that she has a real love with Lucas, who she is sure wouldn't be caught dead doing a tramp in an elevator.  Oh, the dramatic irony!  Roman comes over to the Salem Inn, giving Sami an opportunity to vent to him again.

Lucas and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) start panicking because their elevator car is about to lowered next.  If Lucas gets caught, he'll have to go back to prison, probably for a long, long time.  He says something hilarious about how he learned in prison how to blend in - otherwise you end up with a shank in your back because he's sooo much like Michael Scofield, don'cha know? - but it looks like he's in a tight situation right now.  He tries to climb up the trapdoor, but it's locked, so Chloe says that as soon as they open the door, she'll pretend to panic and scream and make a commotion, giving Lucas an opportunity to get away.  As soon as the firefighters open the door, they lead a screaming Chloe out, and Lucas runs out, right into Sami.  She tries to shoo him out, but the cops are onto him and re-arrest him.  Roman whisks him off to prison for the remainder of his sentence as Sami pleads not to take him away.  At least she didn't figure out that Lucas had sex with Chloe.

Next on Days of our Lives: Steve wants Stephanie to stay away from Trent, things start to cool off between EJ and Nicole.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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