Days of our Lives: July 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Rolf pouring drinks for the very, very boring Fourth of July party at the DiMera mansion.  Nicole and Ava try to make the best of it, but EJ (James Scott) decides he wants burgers and all-American fare.  He orders Rolf to fire up the grill.  The lights flicker a little bit, foreshadowing some kind of disaster to befall the denizens of Salem, or that might just be wishful thinking.  EJ leaves the room to take a phone call, leaving Ava and Nicole to gab about how Nicole's chances with EJ are dwindling.  Then, EJ leaves a message on Sami's phone alluding to the moment earlier in the week on Days of our Lives when Sami admitted to having feelings for him.

At the pub, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) gets a phone call from Lucas (Bryan Dattilo).  Lucas wants to sneak out of the mansion, so he says he'll meet her at her hotel.  He deactivates his ankle monitor and sneaks out.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) pays a visit to John (Drake Hogestyn) to see if he has come to his senses yet.  She's not leaving until he does.  John continues to refuse to access the disc, and she must get used to the fact that the old John is never coming back.

Nicole tells EJ that he has no chance with Sami because there is no way that she's ever going to leave Lucas.  John leaves Marlena and heads back to the party.  Ava is gone, however.  She has snuck downstairs into the lab to retrieve the disc.  John goes downstairs and finds her there.  The power goes out, and John and Ava find themselves locked in the lab.  Ava still wants John to destroy the disc because she doesn't want to lose the current John.  Marlena, wandering past the lab, overhears Ava urging John to destroy the disc, so she yells through the door not to.  He pays her no heed and snaps the disc in half, and then destroys the computers, as she screams and cries.

At the Brady/Horton picnic at Bo and Hope's place, Victor (John Aniston) drops by, and Caroline (Peggy McCay) is pleased to see him.  Bo (Peter Reckell) is looking for Chelsea, but nobody has seen her because she has not yet arrived.  She and Daniel are inside the house and haven't yet joined the party.  After a kiss, they join the rest, and Bo isn't happy to see Daniel by her side.  Chelsea says hello to Victor and informs him that Daniel is her date.  Victor immediately gets frosty, and wants to talk to Daniel privately.  Victor is offended that Daniel didn't run it past him before going after Chelsea, and he also doesn't think that Daniel is good relationship material for her.

There is a massive Salem-wide blackout.  Bo and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) go to investigate the fusebox, leaving Daniel and Chelsea alone in the dark to smooch.  But just as they begin the heavy smoochies, the fireworks start, illuminating them.  Victor and Bo aren't happy to see them.

Sami has come and gone at the picnic because she wants to go back home to spend time with Lucas.  But Lucas is sneaking out to see Chloe.  Sami comes home to find Nicole at the house, so instead of going inside, she calls EJ.  She just wants to be clear: no matter what she may or may not feel, they cannot be together because she will never leave Lucas.  EJ looks heartbroken, and Nicole gloats.  EJ finally decides to forget about Sami, so he invites Nicole to go out somewhere.  They decide to go to Nicole's hotel room in the Salem Inn.  On the way up to her room, the elevator lurches and comes to a halt, and all the lights go out.  Luckily, Nicole has brought a bottle of champagne that she swiped from the DiMera mansion.  EJ sprays her with champagne, and Nicole pulls out a deck of cards.   EJ gets serious for a moment, and thanks her for her friendship.  They start making out.

Lucas tries to sneak past the cop in the lobby of the Salem Inn, but can't so he asks Chloe to come down.  They get stuck in the elevator as well, but it's not a party because Chloe is claustrophobic and she start panicking.  Lucas tries to distract her with talk about Morgan and Philip.  She starts feeling well enough to start kissing Lucas.  Poor Sami - both of her men are making out with other women.

There will be no Days of our Lives on Thursday or Friday this week, so the next installment will be next Monday.  Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas and Chloe kiss again, Kate passes out, Marlena mourns the loss of old John.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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