Days of our Lives: July 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 18 Live Thoughts
We're still in France today on Days of our Lives, indicated by the helpful map.  Max (Darin Brooks) clearly should have boned up on his French because he is having trouble understanding the conductor.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) somehow figured out exactly which train he is on and surprises him with kisses.

Nicole and Ava have a girl gabfest at the pub.  Ava sort of complains that even though she spent the whole afternoon with John, nothing happened.  Across the pub, Marlena (Deidre Hall) is having lunch alone, and Rolf, in cognito and dressed up like an extra from The Sopranos, sneaks over and sits down with her.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is resigned to return to the Statesville penitentiary, but Roman (Josh Taylor) tells him that he's going someplace far worse.

Nicole commiserates with Ava's man troubles.  Ava doesn't think that John is over Marlena, however, but she's not going to give up.  Ava then goes off on how smug and judgmental Marlena is.  Then Nicole talks about her sexy time in the elevator with EJ.  But they don't really have a relationship because of Nicole's shady past with Trent.  Nicole opens up to Ava, as long as she swears she won't tell anyone.  Unfortunately for us, Nicole tells her during the commercial break, so we still don't know what the deep, dark secret is.

Marlena wants a favor from Rolf, but his cell phone rings.  It's John on the phone, and Rolf answers with a funny American accent.  It seems that he told John that he was out at ceramics class.  Marlena takes the pieces of the broken disc out of her purse and asks Rolf to put it back together.  Rolf doesn't want to because he doesn't want to face life without parole.  Marlena promises to do everything in her power to ensure his freedom, but Rolf doesn't trust her.

EJ (James Scott) invites a local judge named Karen over to the DiMera mansion.  She is an old acquaintance of John, but John obviously has no recollection of her.  EJ, as John's lawyer, presents Karen with a check for her political campaign.  She balks, saying that she can't receive this money, especially since John's name has been associated with bribery, drug trafficking and arson.  EJ reminds her that she needs the money, as the underdog in the election, then gives her the check and tells her what she does with it is her choice.  After Karen leaves, John commends EJ on his performance, also revealing that he watched it all via closed-circuit television.  He still doesn't trust EJ, but he's holding a grudge from the time when EJ shot him and stole one of his kidneys.  Plus, now John wants him to figure out how he's going to deal with the Sami situation.  John wants EJ to withdraw the court order he slapped on Sami.  EJ wants John to admit that his motivation is to score points with Marlena.

Lucas will be going into a maximum security prison.  He says so as Sami (Alison Sweeney) walks into the room and hears.  Sami is panicked and terrified that Lucas has to go there and demands that they call Mickey Horton to pull some strings.  She is also furious at Lucas for not following the rules of his probation in the first place.   Sami complains that he has already missed half of his daughter's life, and he's going to miss so much more.  (In Lucas' defense, his daughter is only nine months old, so he's only missed four and a half.)  Sami also throws in his face the fact that he went and had sex with Chloe.  Naturally, as things are wont to go on Days of our Lives, Lucas throws EJ in her face.  Roman comes in and takes Lucas to processing, as Sami weeps.  She is afraid that Lucas is not coming home this.  Oh, would that this be true!

Sami rushes home looking for Rolf, but can't find him.  Sami tells EJ that Lucas is being sent back to prison.

In France, Stephanie tells Max that she can help him since she speaks French, but Max wants her to go home.  Stephanie is angry at him for leaving without even telling her or his mother, and she insists that she's going with him to Marseilles.  Eventually, Max welcomes the idea of Stephanie staying in France with him.

Next on Days of our Lives: Marlena needs Roman's help to get John's memory back, Chloe visits Lucas, Ava might live across the hall from Kayla and Steve.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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