Days of our Lives: July 17 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 17 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is still by Victor's (John Aniston) bedside at the hospital.

Meanwhile, John (Drake Hogestyn) and Ava celebrate John's new found independence from Marlena and the disc.

Roman (Josh Taylor) fills Marlena (Deidre Hall) in about how EJ is filing for sole custody of Johnny.

Caroline (Peggy McCay) reads the letter that Max wrote to her, explaining how he has to go off and find his sister.  He's still on a train in France somewhere.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) explains to Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) everything that's going on with Max.  Stephanie then drops the news that she's flying to France right away.  Chelsea calls Morgan over, and they throw a little impromptu farewell party for her with gifts for her trip.

Trent has strong-armed Nicole into meeting him for lunch at the pub, but EJ intercepts them.  He knows that something is wrong, but Nicole just says that she is having lunch with an old friend.  EJ doesn't believe her and wants to know the story.  Caroline leaves the pub to go to the hospital, upset about Max, and bitches Trent out on her way out.  EJ tells Trent that he's going to keep his eye on him, and leaves.  Trent then asks Nicole to do some detective work for him.  So, Nicole goes inside to ask where Max is.  She reports back to Trent that he's gone.  She doesn't want to do anymore work for Trent, but he grabs her arm and gets all threatening on her.  Trent gets on his cell phone and calls Max (Darin Brooks).  Max, who is sitting in front of the fakest-looking green screen, hangs up on him.

At the hospital, Bo (Peter Reckell) wants to talk to Phililp alone.  Kate (Lauren Koslow) wants to go in and visit with Victor, but Daniel tells her that he needs his rest.  They have a momentary spat concerning Chelsea, but they come to an understanding of sorts.  Kate goes in to talk to Victor, who asks after Philip.  She finds the tape recorder and listens to it.  She hides the recorder in her pocket when Daniel comes in, and he gets mad that she got Victor's heart rate accelerating again.  Caroline comes in and takes Kate's place next to Victor.  Victor tells her to thank Bo for him.

Bo takes Philip home to ask him about how he threatened Paul Hollingsworth's life.  Bo asks him if he killed Paul.  Philip denies killing him, and Bo says that everything is off the record because Victor asked him not to turn him in.  Bo is really upset at himself for letting his emotions for Victor and Philip affect his work as a cop.

Roman also tells Marlena that not only are EJ and Nicole an item now, but so are Lucas and Chloe.  Marlena thinks this turn of events is all her fault.  She herself spent years being torn between two men, and now Sami is following in her footsteps.  As far as Roman is concerned, he thinks that Sami would be better off without either Lucas or EJ.  Marlena asks Roman to pull some strings to get Lucas out of prison again, for Sami and her family's sake.  Roman is reluctant, but he finally agrees to see what he can do.

Abe (James Reynolds) gives Morgan the wad of cash that Paul left for her in the package, but she refuses to take it.  She tells the police to hang onto it until they find her father.  Marlena goes in to see Abe and tells him about a support group for parents of autistic children.

EJ walks in on John and Ava canoodling on the sofa at the DiMera mansion.  Ava tells him to take the stick out of his ass.  EJ tells John that he actually is going to make some changes in his life.  And he's got a proposal for John regarding those changes - he wants to be involved in John's business ventures, shipping or otherwise.  He can bring legal expertise to the table, and he also has an extremely detailed understanding of all of Stefano's dealings.  John agrees to employ him, but he wants EJ to prove to him that he can be trusted.

At the pub, Daniel comes by to canoodle with Chelsea.  Back at the hospital, after Caroline says good-bye to Victor, Kate sneaks back into his room.  She takes the tape out of the recorder and destroys it.  Meanwhile, Bo comes to his senses and calls Abe to tell him that he has been withholding evidence.  But at the last second, he chickens out and doesn't tell him.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie surprises Max in France, EJ tries to prove his trustworthiness to John.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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