Days of our Lives: July 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 16 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) crying in the pub.  She just read the letter that Max wrote earlier on Days of our Lives about going off to Europe to look for his sister.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) come to the pub to comfort their daughter.  Meanwhile, Max has made his way over to France.  We know that he's taking a train from Paris to Marseille, and the train conductor speaks to him in French, due to some Indiana Jones-style map tracing.

At home, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) reads to Ciara, and Bo (Peter Reckell) secretly replays the tape of Philip threatening Paul Hollingsworth's life.  He doesn't share the news with Hope, however.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is in the hospital with Victor.  He just whispered to Victor that he may have done something that can ruin himself and the family, and although Victor is unconscious, he must have heard it because all the monitors start beeping frantically.

Abe (James Reynolds) comes by Bo and Hope's place with Theo.  Lexie was supposed to bring Theo over to play with Ciara, but she got called to the hospital unexpectedly.  Everyone gets weirded out by Theo's autism.  Abe wonders to Bo about the letter Morgan's father sent her because he mentioned something about leaving her something that would protect her, but Bo doesn't tell him about the tape recorder.  Bo leaves, and then Abe tells Hope about his feelings about the Hollingsworth case.  Then he confides in her about his and Lexie's problems involving Theo.  He also confesses that he often gets impatient with Theo, even though he knows the diagnosis.  He gets emotional contemplating how strong and objective and determined Lexie has been with Theo compared to him.

At the hospital, Kate (Lauren Koslow) asks Philip why he's acting all dodgy.  Bo goes over to the hospital and asks Lexie (Renee Jones) how Victor is doing.  She explains that he might have been having a bad dream because his EKG spiked.  As soon as she leaves the room, Victor (John Aniston) wakes up and starts talking, but his speech is still labored and slurred.  He knows that Bo has the tape of Philip and Paul, and he asks Bo to destroy the evidence to protect his half-brother.  Bo doesn't want to break the law by withholding evidence, which upsets Victor.  Victor just wants him to hold off on bringing Philip in, but then the monitors start beeping and Lexie kicks Bo out.  Lexie tells everyone later that since Victor is so susceptible to stress, they should all stick strictly to small talk from now on.  Kate suspects that Philip is responsible for Victor's spikes, so she demands to know what's going on with him.  He refuses to talk, telling her that she'll know soon enough.

Victor asks Bo to leave his evidence on Philip with him.  The monitors start beating faster, so Bo complies and gives him the tape.

After Lexie's shift at the hospital is over, she goes over to Bo and Hope's to get Abe and Theo.  Abe tells Lexie that the kids, Theo and Ciara, have been playing quietly, but separately, for a while.  Lexie is disappointed to hear this, but Abe tries to get her spirits up by telling her how proud he is of her.  Lexie tells him that she should be more sensitive to what he has been going through as well.  They kiss and make up.

Stephanie cries to her parents about how Max lied to her.  She feels duped and stupid.  Steve confesses that he told Max not to take Stephanie with him to find the sister in Europe.  She's furious at her father for intervening like this and not letting her make her own decisions.  Kayla gets a phone call from Caroline, and now Kayla is torn about whether or to tell Caroline about it.  Steve thinks that since Max didn't tell her himself, they should respect his wish by not telling her.  Stephanie is determined to go to Europe to find Max, and Kayla wants to support her to.  Steve confesses that he hasn't had a lot of practice at being a father, and Stephanie apologizes.

On the train in France, a French paparazzo takes pictures of Max, since Max is a big-time race car driver.  Max yells at him and tells him to delete the pictures he's already taken.  Max goes back to his seat, and gets a text message from Stephanie about how she's not mad at him, and she supports him in spirits.  The paparazzo Remy gets on the phone and tells someone that Max Brady is back in France.

Next on Days of our Lives: Ava and John toast to themselves, Trent wants Nicole to spy for him, Kate confronts Daniel.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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