Days of our Lives: July 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: July 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Bo (Peter Reckell) struggling on his computer and complaining to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) about it.  Hope is clearly the more computer-literate among the dynamic duo.  Hope fixes his computer, and then exposits that Morgan's father is still missing and unaccounted for, and there is a mysterious package that he sent to her.  The package was stalled at the post office near Salem University.

Morgan, with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) in tow, are at the post office trying to pick up the package.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) accuses EJ (James Scott) of blackmailing the judge to order that Johnny must stay with him.  She reminds him that just the other day, he professed his undying love for her, and now he's doing this.  But then he throws her wishy-washy feelings back at her.

Bo and Hope call Morgan to meet them at the post office so that they can see what's in the package.  Meanwhile, Morgan is afraid that some bad guys have followed them to the post office to steal whatever's in the package.  Philip is just as anxious to find out what's in the package as Morgan is, and he covers his tracks to keep Morgan from finding out that he has ulterior motives.  It's finally her turn to pick up the package at the counter, but the postal worker says that she's out of luck because it's not in that particular post office.  They tried to deliver the package, so might be sent back the sender.  Philip convinces the disgruntled postal worker to look for the package again.  She comes back with the package, which was back there all along.  Morgan signs for it, but she isn't sure she wants to open it in a public place, so they decide to go over to the pub.

Hope can't get ahold of Morgan, so Bo calls the judge to try to get a warrant on the package, and the judge immediately agrees.  Hope gets a call from Ciara's babysitter backing out, so Bo is on his own to look for the package.

Just as soon as Morgan and Philip leave the post office, Bo comes by with the warrant and asks the postal worker for the package.  Bo calls Hope, who is about to go to the pub with Ciara, to tell her what happened.  Bo goes to the pub to meet them, and then intercepts Philip before he opens the package.  Bo asks Morgan to come down to the station with him.

Sami and EJ continue their spat.  Sami says that she'll do anything to protect her children. and that she's a good mother.  But EJ tells her that she has anger management issues, and he doesn't think that their situation is not something he wants for Johnny.  Their argument devolves into fighting about Nicole.  EJ says he has no problem with Nicole looking after Johnny, which Sami isn't happy to hear.  EJ says that Nicole will be a mother to Johnny.  He also says that he's going to take Johnny away to England.  Sami swears that this isn't over yet.

Morgan opens the package in front of Bo and Hope.  There's a wad of cash and a letter.  Morgan can't finish reading the letter because she gets too emotional, so Bo promises to keep it there for her until she's ready to read it.  Hope takes Morgan home, and Bo opens the rest of the package to find a tape recorder.  He presses play and hears Philip saying, "Damnit, Paul.  Do what I tell you or I will kill you."

Meanwhile, Philip goes to Victor's (John Aniston) bedside, who is still unconscious from his stroke.  He whispers to him that he might have really screwed up this time by doing something that could destroy both him and their family.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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