Days of our Lives: January 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 25 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) walks into the pub to see her parents kissing and carrying on.  She's disgusted by their public displays of affection, as any kid should be.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) tells her that they're trying to get pregnant, and inadvertently presses Stephanie's rape-victim buttons and makes her cry.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Nick (Blake Berris) are outside the pub, arguing over whether to confess to the police about Ford.

Shawn (Brandon Beemer) is still at the storefront, just as in yesterday's Days of our Lives, flashing his Celtic symbol.  (Does that sound dirty to anyone else?)  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) stands watch.

Dr. Carrington makes John (Drake Hogestyn) look at pictures on a computer screen.  They are not swirly, swirly pictures, though, so they're not that frightening.  John is ever the recalcitrant patient.

Roman (Josh Taylor) is yelling to someone over the phone to get their asses into gear to find Claire.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) interrupts his rant to ask permission to visit Stefano.  She has her doctor bag with her, full of sodium pentathol truth serum.  She calls Dr. Carrington to ask after John's test results.  Dr. Carrington shares that John has the same emotional response to all the stimuli shown on the computer screen.  This is inadvertently hye-larious.  I think the writers must have purposely written this lack of emotion for John precisely because Drake Hogestyn is playing him.

Shawn tells the dude, Rob, in the shop that Stefano sent him, and the dude gets angry and locks him up.  Apparently, the dude is an enemy of Stefano.

Steve is concerned because of Stephanie's unexpected reaction.  He asks what's wrong, and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) thinks it might be time to tell him what happened.

Somehow, Sami (Alison Sweeney) has heard that John is alive again, so she goes to the hospital to see him.  He says that he remembers her.

Stephanie can't say anything because she is crying so hard, so Kayla tells Steve that their daughter was raped.  Steve gets upset and enfolds them both in his arms.

Shawn demands to know where Claire is, but Rob pulls a gun on him.  He says that Claire has been brought to safety, and Shawn is only getting in the way.

Roman brings Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) into an interrogation room for Marlena to question him.  Stefano says that he and John are both immune to sodium pentathol.  From the viewing room, Abe (James Reynolds) pretends to have ethical qualms about injecting random prisoners with truth serum, but Roman doesn't have such worries.

John pretends to recognize Sami.  She falls for it and asks for a hug.  Stupid girl.  John grabs her around the throat until she passes out.  After the commercial break, we find that it was just in his imagination, and Sami is perfectly fine.

Stephanie tells her father that it was Ford Decker who drugged her and raped her.  Steve is red with rage and wants to kill him.  He is momentarily angry that Kayla kept this from him, but he turns into kind of like the most caring and loving father, reassuring Stephanie that none of it was her fault.  I might be way too cynical for this show, but it's kind of heartbreaking to see Steve crying like that.  Outside the pub, Chelsea and Nick run off as Crawford Decker strides inside.

Marlena has injected Stefano with the truth serum.  Roman and Abe set up their video camera as Marlena starts asking questions.  She asks what John's mission is, and Stefano says to seek, destroy and enact revenge.  But he won't say who is supposed to be the target.

Chloe has called the police, who run inside the store and break up Shawn and Rob's fight.

Crawford Decker comes into the pub and asks Stephanie to tell him what happened to Ford.  She repeats the party line.  Outside the pub, Nick drags Chelsea back and tells her once more that it's time to tell the truth.

John, lying alone on his bed, has a flashback of Stefano giving him a dossier on a woman.  She is to be his mission.  We don't see the picture of the woman in the file, but I think we are to assume that Sami is the target.

Marlena's interrogation doesn't go anywhere and she ends the session.

Stephanie continues to claim that she doesn't know anything about Ford's disappearance, but Chelsea jumps in and tells Crawford that his son is dead.

Rob is brought down to the station, and Roman takes over for Shawn.

Stefano is brought back to his cell and he's totally unconscious because Marlena slipped him sleeping pills, pretending they were aspirin.  She walks into the cell and asks for a moment alone, so that she can enact some revenge.

Next on Days of our Lives: Roman welcomes Hope back to the force, Chelsea confesses, Marlena tortures Stefano.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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