Days of our Lives: January 22 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 22 Live Thoughts
Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) open today's episode of Days of our Lives.  Sami is packing her things to go to a safehouse, and EJ ribs her for trying to take so much stuff.  She wants to make an appointment for the twins to see their pediatrician before they go because she doesn't know how long she will have to hide.  She also wants to establish some ground rules: whenever EJ is not helping her with the twins, she wants him to stay as far away from her and the babies as possible.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) are still cozily sharing a jail cell.  The funny thing is, Lucas has a teensy little mustache now.  Prison has clearly wasted little time in hardening him up.

Belle (Martha Madison), ever the damsel in distress, is still ailing away in the hospital.  She wakes up groggily and asks Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) where Claire is.  (Crystal has put Claire to bed somewhere, but it's unclear where they are.)

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) brings some tea for Marlena (Deidre Hall).  Marlena is still hopeful that John will snap out of it, despite the fact that he tried to take her hostage on yesterday's Days of our Lives.  As a trained psychiatrist, she knows how the human brain works.  And as a former captive of Stefano, she knows what John has been through.  So she'll do whatever it takes to get him back to normal.  Meanwhile, John (Drake Hogestyn) has dreams about watching the swirly, swirly images on Stefano's computer screen and lets out a pained, "Doc." in his sleep.  He wakes up and tells Marlena that he was dreaming about her.  He doesn't remember the dream, though, and she offers to try to get the doctors to lower his dosage.

While she's gone, he remembers another time in the lab when Stefano promised that John will be a clean slate after they finish expunging everything from his brain.  We get a glimpse of the computer screen with the swirly images, only this time, the bottom of the screen shows the word "Delete" and a red status bar.  So, he made John watch his own memories disappear?  I don't get it.  Flashback-Stefano comes back to exposit that John no longer has the brain capacity to think or choose to do anything.  Oh my gosh, Days of our Lives just wins the award for most preposterous storyline: Stefano shares with us that all of the contents of John's brain have been removed and saved onto a mini-disc.  I sure hope he made a backup of that disc!

Marlena and Hope rush back into John's room when he starts screaming.  Dr. Carrington comes in, and Marlena asks him to lower the dosage of his sedative.  The doctor will consider it.  Roman (Josh Taylor) comes by to ask what's going on.  He makes the very reasonable observation that Marlena is too personally invested in John to treat him, and therefore, Dr. Carrington has the final word on all his treatment.  Meanwhile, Hope tries to help John remember, but he's still as recalcitrant as ever.  Marlena asks for a moment alone with John to explain that there's nothing she can do about his dosage.  He spits out that he no longer has any use for her.  Marlena is terribly upset by this, but she still hasn't lost hope that the real John will emerge someday.  A moment later, Dr. Carrington orders the nurse to increase the dosage of John's meds.

Belle tells Philip about the dream she was having about Claire.  She wants to get up to help look for Claire, but Philip says that she has to worry about getting well first.  Belle must have some kind of vague, Victorian type of ailment.  She hit her head when she fell on the docks, but she only has a teeny band-aid on her forehead.  She also dissolves into a fit of coughing.  Philip promises to stay by her side, but that just makes her feel guilty for treating him so poorly earlier.  Poor chap can't catch a break.  He doesn't blame her for anything she's said or done to push him away.  She realizes that Philip has always been the one to be there for her and asks him to hold her hand until she falls asleep.  In a parallel scene, Crystal, who has a terrible voice, sings Claire to sleep.

In prison, Stefano offers to get his lawyers to spring him from the joint, but Lucas nosewhistles that it sounds like a ruse.  The guard comes in to tell Stefano that his lawyer is here to see him.  Alone in the cell, Lucas rummages through Stefano's belongings and finds the cell phone that was baked into his salmon.  He uses it to call Sami.  He asks her why she hasn't returned any of his lawyer's phone calls.  He apologizes for trying to kill EJ.  He is unhappy that she is planning to go into hiding, especially since he thinks that Stefano can't do anything while he's locked up in jail.  EJ comes out of the bedroom during their conversation.  Lucas hears EJ's voice and immediately demands to know what EJ is doing there.  He is furious because he suspects that she is going to run off with EJ.

Lucas quickly hides the cell phone when Stefano comes back to the cell.  Stefano wants to make a deal with Lucas: if Lucas can help him get Johnny away from his parents, Stefano will help him get out of jail.  But Lucas doesn't bite.  The guard comes back to take Lucas out to exercise.  Alone, Stefano sees that Lucas used his cell to call someone.  He hits redial, and Sami answers, thinking it's Lucas calling again.  But she hangs up immediately as soon as Stefano starts talking.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea tries to convince the girls to come clean about Ford Decker, John gets angry upon hearing Stefano's name, Hope wants to get back into the cop game to help find Claire.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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