Days of our Lives: January 21 Recap
Days of our Lives: January 21 Recap
On Days of our Lives today, EJ (James Scott) continues trying to convince Sami (Alison Sweeney) to go into hiding with him to evade Stefano's wrath.  Sami thinks he's insane.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) helps Caroline (Peggy McCay) with some heavy lifting at the pub.  She thanks Steve for all his help and for making Kayla so happy.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) shows up and announces suggestively that she needs Steve's body.  Thankfully, Caroline has gone into the kitchen so she doesn't have to be squicked out by her daughter's statement.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) remembers the events of the last Days of our Lives, when she brought John (Drake Hogestyn) to visit Belle (Martha Madison).  Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) show up at the hospital to get the update on John.  Marlena is hopeful that John is beginning to trust her.

However, Roman (Josh Taylor) doesn't buy John's act one single bit.  He tells John that there's no way in hell that he can trust him.  After Roman leaves the room, John fishes out the pair of scissors that he squirreled away while he was in Belle's room and gets to work unlocking his cuffs.

Kayla explains ovulation to Steve.  He's pouty because she got him all revved up but he has to wait until later that day to make sure they do the dirty at her peak ovulating hour.  She rushes away, and then Caroline comes back with the promise of a nice meal.  But Steve is a tad too horny for a sandwich with Grandma.  Kayla goes home and demands his presence immediately.  He shows up at the door with dozens of yellow roses, and the two get busy.  As luck would have it, though, Caroline comes knocking at the door, putting a damper on their sexy time.  She came over because Steve forgot his wallet at the pub, and also brought by some lunch.  Kayla finally succeeds in getting rid of her mom, and then rips Steve shirt off.  But boy, they can't catch a break.  They are interrupted again when Kayla's pager goes off.  She calls the hospital back and gives her instructions.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't want to run away because she doesn't want to leave the safety of her family.  But EJ explains how they have to hide fo Johnny's sake.  EJ asks her what he can do to earn her trust.  He makes a big speech about how they have to worry about their family's safety.  They both hear a noise at the door.  EJ pulls out a gun and carefully opens the door.  Overkill, much?  There's no one there, but there is a shoebox with a baby rattle on the doormat.  He knows immediately that it's from Stefano.  Then, he gets on the phone to make arrangements to bring Sami to safety.  Sami is suspicious about it, but it turns out that he called the next person beside Roman who she trusts: Abe Carver (James Reynolds).  Abe shows up pretty immediately, and Sami is touched that EJ would do something like this for her.  Abe tells Sami that he's going to get her and the babies into a safehouse.  He instructs her to pack her things, and he'll be in touch soon.  As much as he loves helping Sami, he's still definitely suspicious of EJ's motives.

Marlena still seems really giddy and happy that John is alive, despite the fact that her granddaughter Claire is still missing.  Hope warns her to be careful around John because Stefano has done a number on him, but she remains optimistic.  She even thinks that once he breaks free Stefano's mental bonds, he can help look for Claire.  Wow, Marlena is on the express train to crazy town.

Meanwhile, John has momentarily dozed off in his hospital bed, but he is soon roused by the memory of his experience in Stefano's basement lab.  He wakes up with crazy eyes and begins working on unlocking his handcuffs with renewed vigor.  He finally succeeds and gets out of his bed.  Marlena and Hope walk in, and John grabs Marlena, taking her hostage.  Who didn't see this coming?  Something happens to him, though.  He starts shaking and trembling, getting even more constipated-looking, if that's possible, so he lets Marlena go.  The cops come in and pull their guns out, but Marlena tells them to stand down.  They lock John back up in bed again.  A doctor comes in to sedate John.  He doesn't want anymore drugs, but Marlena gives the go-ahead for the injection.  She clings to the belief that John could have hurt her, but chose not to because, deep down, he still loves her.  Outside, she admits to Bo, Hope and Roman that she knows that he can't be trusted...yet.  John recalls the time he spent in Stefano's lab, strapped to his chair and forced to watch what looks like a swirly screensaver.  Oh no!  Not swirly screensavers!  Anything but that!

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip stays by Belle's bedside, John has a dream about Marlena, Sami is worried for Lucas' safety.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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