Days of our Lives: January 2 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 2 Live Thoughts
On New Year's Eve on Days of our Lives, Roman (Josh Taylor) caught up to Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) trying to flee the country and arrested Lucas.  And Belle (Martha Madison) confessed to Shawn (Brandon Beemer) that she cheated on him by sleeping with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).

Today's Days of our Lives begins with Marlena (Deidre Hall).  Rebecca comes to her door to see if she will be attending her New Year's party, but Marlena just wants to stay home and read a book.  She's interrupted by the sounds of merrymaking, so she tells John's portrait that she'll go out and have fun.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Roman are at the station, discussing Chloe's (Nadia Bjorlin) case about Brady Black gone missing.  A messenger comes by wtih a message to Bo from Hope to get his butt over to the New Year's party, where Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) happen to be canoodling.  Marlena shows up too, finally.  Everyone is excited to see Marlena out and about, including Steve, who dips her and gives her a kiss.  They all sit down, and Marlena proposes a toast to their cherished friendships.  But Marlena is distracted because she's looking around to see if John is back.

Philip asks Chloe about all the details of Brady's disappearance.  Chloe, despite being very defensive, has fantastic hair today.  I like her hair smooth and sleek.  Otherwise, it looks too severe.

At the pub, Belle finishes confessing to Shawn that she slept with Philip.  She cries and cries and begs Shawn to forgive her because she still loves her.

At Chez Rouge, they go around the table making toasts.  Marlena doesn't really look like she's feeling it, though.  Kayla and Steve hit the dance floor for a slow dance, and Kayla tells him that she made them an appointment at the fertility clinic.

Philip proposes a deal to Chloe.  He'll help her out with her legal problems if she agrees to move in on Shawn and get as close to him as humanly possible.

Shawn is furious and can't bring himself to forgive her.  Belle simpers that she loves him and wants to be with him forever.  But now he's got egg on his face and he can't trust her anymore.

Back at Chez Rouge, Steve does a fertility dance.  It's pretty cute, actually, and Kayla looks like she's having the time of her life.

Chloe doesn't want to go along with Philip's plan.

Belle tearfully asks if Shawn still loves her, even after everything she's told him.  He says yes, and she simpers that they can work through this.  But he wants a divorce.

At Chez Rouge, Marlena catches a glimpse of Crystal the psychic from across the room.

Belle begs Shawn to reconsider a divorce, but he coldly tells her to leave and go to Marlena's house for the night.  She cries.  Is it bad that I find her completely annoying when she cries?

Hope and Bo talk about their New Year's resolution to bring their family closer together this year.  Hope wants all the kids over for dinner every Sunday.  Marlena finds Crystal and demands to know what her deal is.  Crystal says that she wants to talk about Brady.  His life depends on Marlena.  Bo, Hope, Kayla and Steve walk outside to find Marlena yelling at Crystal.  She plays it cool and says it was nothing, but she has to go.  The other four resolve to find out what that was all about.

Belle comes downstairs after gathering some things.  Shawn confirms that he wants her out and that there is nothing left to fight for in their marriage.  She walks outside, crying, and of course, Philip arrives.  She tells him that bad (or good) news that she and Shawn broke up.  Philip says that Chloe says that Brady might be in danger, and Belle responds that both she and Philip can go to hell.

Marlena rushes over to the police department to ask Chloe about Brady.

All the grown ups go back over to the pub with Shawn, while Belle goes home to her mom's.  She tells Marlena all about her horrible night.  The moments before the New Year, the gang at the pub countdown til midnight.  Philip and Chloe stand looking at each other at Chez Rouge, with the fakest gold confetti falling from the ceiling.

With Belle asleep on the couch, Marlena gazes lovingly at John's portrait.  The revelers at the pub hug and kiss and blow on noisemakers.  Shawn glumly takes a swig of his beer.  Philip and Chloe hang out together with smiles on their faces.  Marlena whispers to John's portrait that she will keep her family together.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stefano wants to put a plan to action, Lucas might be in considerable danger, Philip tries to talk sense into Lucas.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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