Days of our Lives: January 18 Recap
Days of our Lives: January 18 Recap
We haven't seen Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) in a long time on Days of our Lives.  He wakes up in his jail cell to find that his feet are in shackles and he has a new cellmate: Stefano (Joseph Mascolo)!

At the pub, Sami (Alison Sweeney) tells Hope (Kristian Alfonso) that she thinks all of the Bradys' latest woes are her fault, but Hope is worried about Sami's wellbeing too.

Bo (Peter Reckell) tells EJ (James Scott) all that has happened with Claire's kidnapping.  He asks if he knows who C.B. DiMera is, but he doesn't.  He doesn't recognize either Crystal or Rob either.  Bo and EJ both agree that someone is probably trying to implicate the DiMeras.  Bo also wants to know if the kidnapping and John's reappearance, etc. are just smokescreens to distract the Bradys while Stefano puts a bigger, more nefarious plan into action.

Belle wakes up and goes over all the details of her kidnapping.  Philip tells her that he dove into the water to save her and Shawn went after Claire.  She thinks that they both should have gone after Claire.  Belle struggles to get out of bed, but Philip grabs her and yells for help.  The doctor comes in to put her back into bed and orders her to stay there.

Oi, there's more of Marlena (nk-30) all that has happened with Claire's kidnapping.  He asks if he knows who C.B. DiMera is,) trying to help John ( Claire's kidnapping.  He asks if he knows who C.B. DiMera is, but he doesn't.  He doesn't recog) recover his memory again on today's Days of our Lives.  John agrees to see Belle only because Marlena offers to try to get him out of his handcuffs.  Marlena goes out to the hallway and has the cop guarding the room request permission from Roman to take John to Belle's room, but no can do.  John must stay in bed.

Hope asks Sami if she's spoken to Lucas recently.  Sami hasn't, and she still hasn't changed her mind about testifying to help get him out of jail.  Sami tells Hope that with Lucas in jail, she has to rely on EJ to protect her and the twins from Stefano.  This causes Hope concern.  Sami even says that it might be best to go into hiding with EJ.  Hope thinks that it's a huge mistake to trust EJ at all, much less run away with him.  I have to go with Hope here.  Much as I love Sami, I think she's being foolish here.

Bo asks EJ if he knows anything about the Celtic symbol that Rob has tattooed on his arm, but it doesn't mean anything to him.  Roman () calls Bo tell him that something was found near the abandoned getaway van.  Then, Marlena calls Roman personally to ask if she can take John to see Belle.  It doesn't take that much to convince him.  Roman is pretty spineless around Marlena.

In jail, Lucas nosewhistles threateningly at Stefano.  Somehow, he knows about John being back from the dead.  What, does he have internet access in prison?  Stefano gets a special gourmet meal wheeled in, and Lucas is incensed that he has the normal prison gruel.  He demands that the guard take him somewhere else so that he doesn't have to watch Stefano eating his fancy meal.  As soon as he leaves, Stefano finds a cellphone in a baggie baked into his salmon.  He uses it to call EJ.  He tells his son that he forgives him and would like to see him.  He's already sent his driver to pick him up, but EJ smells a trap, so he runs away to the pub to check on Sami.  He tells her that he's afraid for her and the twins' safety.  He tells her that he's afraid that his father is going to kill him.

Just as Belle is asking for her mother, Marlena walks in the door and tells her about a miracle that's just happened.  John walks in behind her, and Belle is shocked.  She starts crying and hugging him, who stays as stiff as a statue.  She doesn't care how it happened, she's just happy that he's back.  Marlena explains that he's a little confused right now.  John doesn't give away that he doesn't know who she is.  He even calls her by his petname, Tink.  He ends the conversation with a limp little handshake, and when he gets up, Belle spots the monitoring device around his ankle.  Marlena says that he's wearing it for protection so that the police can find him if Stefano takes him away.  Belle is very simple-minded and falls for all of this.  John asks for a private word with Belle.  He hugs her and kisses her forehead, and sneaks a pair of scissors from behind her back.  Sneaky.  Out in the hallway, he tells Marlena that he's beginning to trust her.  She says that she trusts him back, with her life.

At the pub, Bo tells Hope that they found prescription medication for Claire, purchased three weeks ago from Canada.  He's beginning to think that Crystal may have been telling the truth, that she was only interested in keeping Belle and Claire safe.

Next on Days of our Lives: Steve and Kayla get busy, Roman has a conversation with John, EJ tries to convince Sami that they need to run.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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