Days of our Lives: January 17 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 17 Live Thoughts
Bo (Peter Reckell) tells Roman (Josh Taylor) that they've put an APB out on Crystal's van on today's Days of our Lives.  They don't have a whole lot to go on, which discourages Bo.  Shawn (Brandon Beemer) sits next to Belle (Martha Madison) at the hospital.  She's unconscious, but he confesses that he let Claire slip through his fingers and promises to get her back.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) watches from the door.

John (Drake Hogestyn) is cynical that the mere act of holding Marlena's (Deidre Hall) hand will help him remember his past.  She asks him to trust her.

Marlena tells John about the hit-and-run that killed him and about when he was in a coma before that.  John thinks that she's working for Stefano and Rolf to get inside his head.  He says that if she is really trying to help him, she should unlock his cuffs.  She doesn't free him, but she promises that Stefano will never go near him again because she'll kill Stefano if she has to.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) goes to the hospital and asks Philip how Belle's doing.  Chloe deduces that Philip wants her to comfort Shawn, which will allow Philip to swoop in and be there for Belle.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) joins the other two cops.  Bo doesn't think that the kidnapping was Stefano's work because the whole operation would have been executed more slickly and violently if he were giving the orders.  They wouldn't have used rubber bullets on Belle's bodyguard, for example.  Playing devil's advocate, Bo wonders if Crystal and Rob really were trying to protect Belle and Claire like they were saying all along.  Roman gets a call from the hospital, so he decides to go there to help Marlena out.  They still don't want to tell her about the kidnapping for fear of upsetting her even more.  Bo gets a call: the other officers have located the getaway van but it's empty.

At the hospital, Chloe asks Shawn if there is anything she can do.  Chloe offers to give him a ride back to the docks.  And as soon as they leave, Philip sneaks into Belle's room.  The beeping of Belle's machine increases its frequency.

John demands to know what Stefano have done to him besides stealing his kidney.  Marlena tells him that he has fresh scars on his scalp and she'll order tests to see if there is anything missing.  This is unintentionally hilarious: I'm guessing that there's a lot missing!

Bo has put a tap on Shawn's phone and the pub phone, and they need to get a tap on Marlena's phone, just in case Rob and Crystal contact them.  Shawn arrives back and hears that the empty van has been found.

The second half of Days of our Lives begins with  Roman joining Marlena and John in the hospital room.  Roman has the tough-talking cop act going.  Out in the hallway, he asks Marlena why she is not allowing John to be sedated.

Bo asks Shawn to go over all the details of when he tried to take Claire out of the van again.  Instructed by Chloe, he closes his eyes and concentrates and flashbacks on yesterday's episode.

Apparently, Belle's machine's rapid beeping didn't mean anything because we are back to normal.  Philip confesses his love to her, but she's still unconscious.  Comas must run in the Black family.

Bo and Hope visit Marlena and John, and John greets them with a temper tantrum.  They take Marlena out in the hallway to tell her about Claire's kidnapping.

Shawn finally remembers the Rob has a tattoo on his arm.

Marlena asks John to do something for her, no questions asked.

Shawn tells Bo, Hope and Marlena about the tattoo.  He describes it, and it turns out to the be a tattoo of the medallion that the woman was wearing in the photo of John and his mother that Marlena found, the Celtic symbol that means "warrior woman."

Marlena wants John to come with her to go see their daughter.  Meanwhile, Belle has woken up and asks to see Claire.  Philip tells her that she can't see Claire because Crystal and Rob nabbed her.  Belle panics.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas and Stefano are cellmates, Marlena tells John about Belle, Belle freaks out.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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