Days of our Lives: January 15 Recap
Days of our Lives: January 15 Recap
Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is in high spirits today on Days of our Lives.  She and Max (Darin Brooks) comes back to the sorority house after what sounds to be a rousing snowball fight.  Max playfully wrestles her, but the go-thither look she immediately gets in her eyes tells him to back off.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) also had an active day outdoors.  They walk into the pub after a day of ice skating.  Shawn wants to go again and bring Claire with them, but he'll have to run it by Belle first.  Chloe is peeved that he has to ask Belle's permission.

Meanwhile, Belle (Martha Madison) and Claire have just been abducted by Crystal (Ashlee Holland) and Rob.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) calls Sami (Alison Sweeney) over to the scene, and they are both panicked.

Max stares lustily over at Stephanie and lets slip a "Wow, you're hot" comment.  He backpedals and tries to cover it up, but she just thanks him for all he's done for her and leans over to kiss him.  He gently pulls away and apologizes.  She tells him that she's ready to start getting back to his normal life and thanks him again.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) comes by and tells Stephanie that they're in trouble because Billie is onto them.  She tells Stephanie about the contact lens found in the basement.  Steph realizes that Nick might tell on them, and freaks out.  Chelsea thinks Nick is right and that the girls need to take responsibility.  She makes the good point that they should confess before they look guiltier and guiltier, like a bunch of murderers.

At that moment, there's a loud knocking on the door.  Ford's father shows up and tells them that he knows they killed Ford.  Stephanie does a good job of pretending not to know where Ford is, reminding him that they are a bunch of harmless sorority girls from the suburbs.  She blurts out that Ford belongs behind bars because he drugged and raped both Cordy and her.  Ford's father is barely out the door when Stephanie turns to Chelsea and asks her whether she finally sees why they can't go to the police.  Chelsea asks her if she really was raped, and Stephanie sobs yes.  Chelsea is a little hurt that she told Max and not her, but she still thinks that their best bet is to come clean.  Chelsea calls all the girls to come back to the house, and Stephanie storms out.

Sami instructs Philip not to tell Marlena about Belle's kidnapping until they know more.  She asks whether he's notified Shawn, but he hasn't.  Sami is furious that he hasn't informed Belle's (soon to be ex) husband and Claire's father.  I don't get it, though.  Sami just got finished saying not to tell Marlena, who is Belle's mother?  Why is it okay to keep it from her mother but not from Shawn?  Anyway, Philip eventually calls Shawn, so he and Chloe arrive at the alleyway.  Naturally, Shawn and Philip immediately get into a fight.

In the getaway van, Crystal tells Belle that they are protecting them from Stefano DiMera.  She wants Belle to trust her, to know that she's safe, and that she's with family.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Roman (Josh Taylor) have just barged in on Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).  They are looking for John Black, but Stefano tries to get them off his trail.  Meanwhile, down in the lab, Marlena (Deidre Hall) has just come face-to-face with John (Drake Hogestyn).  He asks her blankly who she is.  Marlena frees John of his bonds and realizes that he was the one helped her with her windshield wiper last week.  As soon as his hands are free, Marlena introduces herself and tells him that his name is John and that he used to be dead.  This registers no discernible change in John's expression.  He asks her permission to leave the lab and she shows him the way out.  Hope runs upstairs to tell the other cops about John and then comes back downstairs with Bo, who is amazed to find him alive again.

Roman stays upstairs to chat with Stefano, and then the rest of the gang bring John upstairs.  Looks like the gig is up, Stefano.  Hope gets a call about Belle's abduction, but Roman doesn't want to tell Marlena yet because she's got enough to deal with.

Marlena wants to know what Rolf did to bring John back from the dead.  I'm interested in this explanation too.  John grabs a crystal thingie from Stefano's knick-knack table and tries to stab Bo with it.  Rolf intervenes and injects him with a tranquilizer.  Stefano promises Bo that this is just the beginning of their fight, as Bo leads him out of the house in cuffs.

Back at the alley, a cop tells Shawn, Philip and Sami that Crystal's vehicle has been spotted near the docks.  Shawn wants to go to the docks immediately to look for them himself, and Philip offers to go with him.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip and Shawn work together, Belle exhibits some muscle, John wants Marlena to bust him out of the hospital.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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