Days of our Lives: January 14 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 14 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) asks Nick (Blake Berris) to meet her at the pub.  She apologizes for getting him involved with the Ford debacle.  He's still upset that she told him because that makes him an accessory to a murder.  Chelsea asks him to keep it a secret, but he's not sure.  She's sort of acting like she confessed to sneaking into an R-rated movie when she was 17 or something, and not, you know, killing a person.

Belle (Martha Madison) is in the middle of the same pointless argument with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) that began in the last Days of our Lives, about how she's mad that Philip helped Chloe.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) asks EJ (James Scott) where John is.  EJ finally says that he's alive and in Rolf's lab.  Meanwhile, in the lab, Rolf has John (Drake Hogestyn) set up and watching videos.  What, no popcorn?  Oh yeah, zombies eat brains.

Chelsea begs Nick to keep quiet, but he takes her on a guilt trip about how terribly Ford's parents are feeling.  She asks him to keep quiet until the other sorority girls come back from break.  Billie (Julie Pinson) shows up and immediately sits down with them to ask them a few questions.

Philip pleads with Belle just to give him five minutes before running off.  Crystal (Ashlee Holland) is in the corner, watching Belle's every move.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) needs John to be fully operational immediately, but Rolf is stalling for more time.  Stefano says that he can't wait anymore and tells Rolf to "make it happen!"  Did it just occur to anyone else that what Days of our Lives really needs is for Tim Gunn to show up and make everything fabulous?  Oh, I would so love that!  (Err, I realize that Tim says "Make it work."  Even though that's not exactly what Stefano said, my mind made the leap to the god-like Tim Gunn.)

Billie says that the search report came back.  They found a contact lens in the basement of the sorority house, and the prescription matches Ford's.  Chelsea lies and explains it away by saying that they keep the beer the basement, which is why Ford would have been down there.

Belle whines that she blames herself for making Claire's life horrible by encouraging her to love two fathers.  She continues to beat herself up for cheating on Shawn.  Philip offers to help any way he can, and she asks him to help put her marriage back together.  Has this girl learned nothing?  Asking Philip for help will accomplish exactly one thing: it will put the nail in the coffin of her marriage to Shawn.

Stefano says to Rolf that Bo Brady might be on to them about their little zombie science experiment, but he doesn't point to EJ as the possible tattletale.

Billie tells Chelsea that she is concerned about her, but she's looking awfully suspicious right now.  She realizes that Nick hasn't said anything in a while, and asks him if he knows anything about Ford's disappearance.

Philip asks Belle if working things out with Shawn is what she really wants.  She grabs Claire, and leaves the coffee shop followed closely by the bodyguard.  Crystal folds up her newspaper and gets on the phone with her accomplice.  They start tailing Belle.

Bo (Peter Reckell) is on the phone with the police department.  They can get a search warrant only if EJ can write a statement about.  EJ agrees to write the statement, but he's not going to accompany them when they search the mansion.

Billie asks Nick again if he knows anything.  Nick says he doesn't know anything about it, looking miserable while lying.  Billie knows they are hiding something, and asks them to think about the dire consequences of continuing their lie.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) tells EJ how grateful she is about what he did for her mom.  She thanks him and commends him on his courage.

Belle and her bodyguard are having a hard time leaving because their car is blocked by an abandoned vehicle.  The bodyguard calls the dispatch to report it, and then goes to check the vehicle out.  Philip calls Belle to explain himself further, as Crystal and her accomplish skulk around behind Claire's car.

EJ is sad that he is actually turning his back on his own father, but Sami tells him how horrible Stefano was to her whole family.  EJ recalls how much he admired his father when he was a child, but he now realizes that everything he knew is a lie.  He says ruefully that he may be free from Stefano's control now, but now he's completely on his own.

Chelsea thanks Nick for covering for her, but he's very upset about lying.  He wants her to grow up and tell the truth.

Philip tells Belle that he'll respect any decision she makes, even if it means getting back with Shawn, but he'll always be there for her if she changes her mind, no matter what.  The bodyguard checks out the car's plates when Crystal's accomplice pulls a huge gun out.

Bo, Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Roman (Josh Taylor) and Marlena show up at the DiMera mansion.  Meanwhile, in the basement, Stefano quizzes FrankenJohn.  He knows that it's 2008, he's in Salem, he has no family, he belongs to Stefano.  But he thinks his mission is to get the hell out of there, which is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Rolf has inserted a tracking device into his arm.

Nick tells Chelsea that the only thing that can help her now is telling the truth.  He says that Chelsea is one of the strongest people he knows, and she needs to take a stand and do what's right.  He must certainly be talking about metaphorical strength because I'm guessing that she couldn't pick up a pencil with her tiny little arms.  But I'm not sure that she's exhibited very much mental or moral fortitude, so I'm not sure what he's talking about.

Hope and Marlena are wandering the halls of the DiMera mansion and happen upon the lab where John is watching his videos.  Hope goes to get Bo, but leaves Marlena alone in the lab.

Crystal's accomplice, I think his name is Rob, so I'll just call him Rob, shoots the bodyguard with his gratuitously large gun twice in the chest.  Belle, who is still on the phone with Philip, starts to panic.  Crystal gets into the driver's seat of her car, while Rob pulls Belle out of the car.  Belle tells Philip that she's in the alleyway, so he hoofs it out of the coffee shop to look for her.

Nick tells Chelsea that it's time for her to grow the hell up and take responsibility for her actions.  If she doesn't, then he doesn't see a future with her at all.

Philip runs out into the alley.  The bodyguard is alright because Rob was shooting rubber bullets.  But from such a close range, it must have hurt like heck.  There is no sign of Belle or Claire, however.

Sami tells EJ that even though Stefano will probably deplete his bank accounts and repossess his belongings, EJ is a better man for taking a stand.

Bo and Roman tell Stefano that they are looking for John Black.  Meanwhile, Marlena approaches John, saying his name, and taking off his glasses to reveal a very blank stare.  Then, suddenly, he jerks his attention onto her, but his stare is still very blank.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie kisses Max, Crystal just wants to protect Belle and Claire, Marlena brings John upstairs.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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