Days of our Lives: January 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: January 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins at the Brady Pub today.  Shawn (Brandon Beemer) is playing with Claire while Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) takes pictures.  Caroline (Peggy McCay) offers to take a shot of Claire, Chloe and Shawn together, and then goes to get cake for them all.  Shawn leaves to change out of his uniform, and Belle (Martha Madison) comes in to see Claire with her rival.  Belle is not pleased to see the picture of the three of them.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) finish the conversation that they started on yesterday's Days of our Lives about testifying on behalf of Lucas.  She still doesn't want to.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) says that EJ's (James Scott) threats are no good.  EJ says that he's going to walk out the door and go straight to the police, but Stefano says that if he walks out the door, he won't walk back in.  EJ pretends to leave, and Stefano, thinking he is gone, says out loud that no matter what happens, EJ will always be his son.  EJ makes his continued presence known, and says that even though he is Stefano's son, he won't be controlled.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) makes a heartfelt plea to Crystal (Ashlee Holland) for a shred of hope about whether John is alive.  Crystal says that she hasn't seen him, but she's heard him and that Stefano DiMera has him.  Marlena gasps.  She believes her.  Crystal's attorney arrives and stops all the questioning.  Marlena wants the cops to go immediately to bust down the door of the DiMera mansion, but they don't have a search warrant.  Oh yeah, and they also don't believe that John is still alive.  Marlena realizes that she has to take matter into her own hands.

EJ stands up to Stefano and says that if he has to choose between his father and his son, then he'll always choose his son.  His newly reconstructed spine is quite impressive.

Belle asks Chloe what she's doing with Claire, and Shawn comes downstairs to ask if that's a problem.  Oh yes, Belle says.  Shawn comes to Chloe's defense.  It's Belle versus Shawn and Chloe, and I think she might be losing.

Philip insinuates that Sami must not love Lucas enough, which is why she is not willing to testify.  But she denies it, and storms off.

Stefano lectures EJ on what it means to be a DiMera.  EJ offers a detente, and Stefano seems to go along with it all.

Chloe says that Philip is helping to cover her legal costs while she's being investigated for Brady's disappearance.  He also helped her fight extradition back to Austria.  Belle isn't happy about it, and Shawn is also suspicious of Chloe now.

Sami comes home to talk to EJ about his run-in with Stefano.  EJ is ready to fight Stefano, and pay the price if he has to.

Marlena demands them to get a search warrant, and gets angry at Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Roman (Josh Taylor) and Bo (Peter Reckell) for not believing her.  Nick (Blake Berris) shows up at Marlena's request.  He says that the ashes in the urn are definitely not John's because they are at least three years old.  Marlena is very, very grateful, and Nick gets a little giddy from all this attention from a hot cougar.

Chloe apologizes to Shawn about going to Philip with her problems.  Shawn wants to know what the deal with Philip is, why does he have such a hold over Chloe and Belle?

Belle brings Claire over to Philip.  Belle is pissed off, and demands to know why he helped Chloe fight extradition.  She wants to know what kind of games he's playing.

Sami tells EJ although she still doesn't trust him, she'll still help him in his fight against Stefano.

Shawn is still acting very coldly toward Chloe.  He is getting suspicious of Chloe's motives, but he eventually believes her when she says that she was afraid for her life back in Vienna.

Belle demands to know why Philip cares so much about Chloe.  Philip asks if she's jealous.

Sami repeats that if EJ is really ready to fight Stefano, she'll stand with him.  But EJ says that he appreciates her offer, but it's his fight.  Wait, didn't he just ask her if she would help him, or am I making that up?  At that moment, Marlena shows up at the door, accompanied by the Brady cops.

The mood is thawing between Chloe and Shawn.  They play a game of darts, and there's some friendly ribbing between them.

Belle rips Philip a new one about Chloe, and Philip says that he'll stop hanging out with Chloe if she wants.  Belle is the only one for him.

Marlena tells Sami that John is alive and they have to get inside the mansion.  Sami gets onboard immediately, and Marlena asks EJ to help them get inside the mansion.  He says he can't, though.

Chloe and Shawn walk out of the pub, and Shawn thanks her for being there for him and Claire.  Chloe offers to get him copies of the pictures she took of Claire.  Um, why doesn't she just email them to him?  It is 2008, after all.  They agree to hang out again.

Belle tells Philip that she can't trust him.  I can't believe they are arguing in front of Claire.  That girl is going to grow up with the biggest mommy and daddy issues.

EJ finally tells Marlena that she's right about John being alive.  Now that everyone knows that he's alive again, I hope they will move the storyline along faster.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nick wants to talk about Ford, Belle wants her marriage fixed, Stefano wants John to go out on his first mission soon.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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