Days of our Lives: November 1 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: November 1 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives is obviously a day behind because it is still Halloween in Salem.  There is a raging costume party going on at the Alpha Chi Theta.  Stephanie gorges herself on candy as she gives Morgan the stink-eye from across the room.  Chelsea asks her where she was last night.  Steph starts to tell her about this guy she saw at a party (as we cut to flashes of him unbuttoning her shirt).  Max asks Stephanie why she didn't tell her about her new job bartending at the Cheatin' Heart.  He's looking forward to working with her.

Sami and Lucas are in bathrobes on the balcony of their hotel in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  Lucas.

Kate and EJ are at the hospital because the DNA results are in.  So much for Marlena wanting to keep the test a secret.

Kate has the test results.  Isn't it illegal for the hospital staff to give the results to anyone except for Sami and Lucas?  Anyway, EJ is the father of the baby boy.  He's ecstatic that he has a son.

Chelsea looks around the party for Nick "Professor" Fallon, who is dressed up as an angel, with huge feathery Archangel-type wings.  He is mourning the loss of Artemis and DeMarquette.  Morgan goes into Cordy's room and asks her to join the party.  I thought she was supposed to be gone by now?  Morgan is the densest person ever not to realize that Cordy is reeling from some kind of assault from Ford.

EJ talking at a mile a minute, and thinks that because Sami loves her son, she will soon learn to love EJ.  Kate taunts him that Sami might not go through with her divorce.

Sami tries to seduce Lucas on their last night as a married couple, but I'm pretty sure you have to wait at least six weeks before you can have sex after having a baby.  Fortunately, they are interrupted by their lawyer who needs their signatures on some papers before their appearance in court tomorrow.

Morgan goes to talk to Ford who is being a nuisance and hitting on the girls.  Before leaving to handle the Ford problem, she gives Stephanie a back-handed compliment about how her race car driver costume makes her look like just one of the boys.  Max doesn't tell Morgan that he'll soon be working with Stephanie because she's worried about the history that Max and Stephanie have.

Before signing the papers, Lucas reminds Sami about their plans to go to Australia for their first anniversary.  She says that they can still go on the trip.  She's being a teensy bit delusional for thinking that she can still go on family vacations with Lucas.  He suggests that there might be a way to make EJ Wells disappear forever.  Obviously, he means that he wants to kill EJ.  Sami reminds him and all of us Days of our Lives viewers at home that she had to go to death row for a crime that she did not commit, and they are not putting Will through that a second time.  Sami signs the papers, and eventually, Lucas does the same.

At the Alpha Chi party, Stephanie agrees that she and Max are cool.  She's obviously lying, though.  She gets immediately worried that Max is getting serious about Morgan, letting her drive his car and all, but continues with the party line that she doesn't mind that he and Morgan are together.  She later moans to Chelsea that she blew by letting Max get away.  Oh these girls!  Someday, they will find out what and who they really want.  Stephanie is getting on Chelsea's nerves by complaining about Morgan.  Chelsea tells her to play the field.

Sami talks to the perma-scowl on Lucas' face.  He says he's really going to miss her.  Why are they both wearing robes again?

EJ goes to see Stefano to tel him the good news.

Morgan gives Ford some coffee, who promptly drops and breaks the mug.  Why haven't they kicked him out of the party yet?  He goes to leave, but Morgan takes his keys so he wouldn't drive drunk.  Chelsea interrupts and asks Max privately what he thinks of Stephanie.  Max, rather indignantly, says that Stephanie made it clear that all she wants is a friend.  The doorbell rings and it's Cordy's parents.  They refuse to come inside, so Chelsea offers to go check on her.  The stereotypical stern Asianness of her parents is pretty overwhelming.  Chelsea and Stephanie go get Cordy, who is still crying and still insistent that she can't talk about her problems.

EJ tells Stefano that the stem cells from the boy baby's umbilical cord have been stored, which may save his life.  Stefano decides to call the boy Gianni, and plans to groom him to take over the DiMera empire.

Lucas and Sami canoodle on the bed in their hotel room.  Lucas goes to the bathroom to get massage oil, when there is a knock at the door.  Someone slides an envelop under the door.  It's a fax from EJ, who tells Sami that the boy is not Lucas'.

At the party, Ford secretly sneaks sneaks a date-rape drug into Morgan's drink.  She offers to drive him home.  Uh oh!  Chelsea and Stephanie ask Cordy what Ford did to her, and Cordy finally admits that Ford raped her.  Chelsea and Stephanie are stunned.

Stefano wants his grandson to grow up in Italy, to be immersed in culture.  And then off to an English boarding school just like his father.  The doorbell rings and it's Kate, who tells them that the twins are with Steve and Kayla.  EJ and Stefano are indignant that Steve is caring for the little boy.

Sami keeps the DNA test results a secret from Lucas.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stefano repeats that the DiMeras will live on through EJ's son, Stephanie tells Max that Morgan may be in trouble, Ford waxes evil over Morgan's unconscious body.

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