'Days of Our Lives' Hunk Happy with Pizza, Second Helping of Sands through the Hourglass
'Days of Our Lives' Hunk Happy with Pizza, Second Helping of Sands through the Hourglass
While it may seem to most of us film and television viewers that actors probably dread being out of work, especially on TV series, particularly those with daily editions, occasionally, they do embrace time off from production.  Such is the case of Days of Our Lives hunk, Jay Kenneth Johnson.  Known to Days fans as the enigmatic and shifty Philip Kiriakis, Johnson will be out of the Salem landscape tapped for filming these days, giving the actor a few days off the set.

And for this busy daytime star, nothing says rest and recreation better than… PIZZA!

"I am going home and eating a pizza," Johnson told The Fresno Bee.  Ahhh, the joy of taking in life's simple pleasures.  And in the case of Jay Kenneth Johnson, it's no joke that he looks forward to indulging in that sinfully sumptuous bite of the classic Italian favorite.

For soap eye candy like him, it's crucial to stay in the fittest and most drool-worthy of shapes.  It's no secret that his kind is one of the guilty pleasures of daytime television.  It certainly doesn't hurt for handsome, well-chiseled young studs like him and their sexy, alluring and glamorous female counterparts to adorn the soap opera canvas.  Their presence in the long-running shows adds extra incentive for those all-too-important viewers to stay hooked.

"I had to have my shirt off earlier in the week, so I watched what I ate last week and this week," Johnson pointed out during an interview with The Fresno Bee earlier this month.

Staying scrumptious is just one of the things that came with the territory when Johnson rejoined the cast of Days of Our Lives a year-and-a-half ago.  He first came to the Salem-set soap back in 1999 and stayed on for three years before hieing off in pursuit of other projects, particularly on the big screen.  Sadly, the gambit did not exactly pay off as Johnson hoped, although he did land a recurring role on Scrubs and became a regular on North Shore.

"At the time I made the decision to leave I was younger, and I think I was at the crossroads where I at least needed to try it and see what happened," Johnson admitted.  "I am happy where I am now."

Days of Our Lives fans, especially the ladies, probably hope he stays that way.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Fresno Bee
(Image Courtesy of NBC)

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