Days of our Lives: February 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with brothers Bo (Peter Reckell) and Roman (Josh Taylor) together.  Roman wants to know what happened with the plane malfunctioning, but it's really an excuse to catch viewers who are just tuning in that Bo has cancer and their Pop died.  Elsewhere in the hospital, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) sneaks in to visit Steve (Stephen Nichols).  After she leaves, Steve takes out the threatening note that the mysterious woman who is stalking him gave to her.

We haven't seen much of the sorority house lately on Days of our Lives.  The girls have asked Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) over to the house.  They inform Chelsea that she may be off the hook with the police, but she's not off the hook with them.  She surely is in grave danger, because there is nothing more frightening than a houseful of vindictive sorority girls on a soap opera.

Stephanie pipes up in defense of her best friend.  They are not as vindictive and as evil as the teaser made them appear, because they really do appreciate all that she went through for them.  They want to put it all behind them and go back to being friends and sisters.  They give her a list of available internships so that they can get a jump on their resume-building summer activities.  No one knows how to party like the Alpha Chi girls!  Max (Darin Brooks) comes over and the girls give him their condolence for the loss of his father.

Kayla and Steve are finally sprung from the hospital and get home, slowly and painfully.  Kayla asks him what he was going to tell her yesterday, but he deflects her question because he doesn't want to talk about the mysterious woman.

Bo, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) and Roman talk to Caroline (Peggy McCay) about how Grandpa Shawn died.  It's so sad!  Bo is feeling massive survivor's guilt, but Caroline tells him that he shouldn't feel guilty at all.  But Bo insists that he should have been the one to die up in the air since he has that pesky terminal illness.  This is the point where Lexie (Renee Jones) jumps in with the inspirational doctor speech about how he can't give up, not on her watch.  Later on, Caroline and Bo quietly reminisce about the good times with Shawn, and because I'm a music nerd, I am excited to hear that the music playing during their conversation "Jupiter" from Gustav Holst's The Planets played on acoustic guitar.  It's really lovely.

Somewhere outside, Steve runs into the mysterious woman.  Steve grabs her by the neck, but due to his weakened state, she's able to overpower him.  She kicks him to the ground as he gasps for air.  We find out more about her: apparently she knew him during his Patch days.  They were an item way back and she wants to get him back anyway they can and have his baby.  She had her people tamper with the plane, but she obviously hired morons because she only wanted to keep the plane from taking off so that she could get him back in Ireland.  He tells her to keep away from his family, but she promises that it's not over.

Steve comes home after picking up some burgers and fries for Kayla and learns that she has been hearing loud thumping noises in the apartment while he was gone.  This worries Steve and he walks over to lock the door.  He suggests that Kayla go into the bedroom and lie down, which gives him time to take out his gun.  He sits on the couch, waiting for any suspicious activity when he hears a key in the door.  He gets up with his gun at the ready, but it's only Stephanie.  Wow, I know Steve just survived a plane crash and all, but he is really not looking well.

Next on Days of our Lives: Belle asks Sami about Lucas, Stephanie suspects something is going on with Steve, Abe needs John for some police business.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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