Days of our Lives: February 22 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 22 Live Thoughts
Now that the plane crash survivors have been rescued, it's back to wacky miscommunication dynamics on Days of our Lives.  Anna is relaxing with a facial mask when Tony knocks on the door.  He lives in a sitcom because he is startled to see her green beauty mask.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) bickers with EJ (James Scott) about wanting to get an annulment on their marriage as soon as possible.  Now, I'm not Catholic or anything, but aren't there rules about when you're allowed to get annulments?  You can't just get one when you feel like it, right?

John (Drake Hogestyn) drags Marlena (Deidre Hall) over to the DiMera mansion.  He greedily looks around for bank account records, not caring whether it's blood money or not, and Marlena tsks him for acting like a DiMera.

At the hospital, Lexie (Renee Jones) checks in on Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).  Elsewhere in the hospital, Roman (Josh Taylor) catches Steve (Stephen Nichols) walking around out of bed.  And, might I add, that hospital gown he's wearing is H-O-T.  Roman is visiting in an official capacity, however, and wants to know all the details of the plane crash.  Steve tells him that he knows the plane crash was the work of saboteurs.  They are hesitant to pin it on Stefano, since he's still in a coma, so they wrack their brains trying to think of someone else who is crazy and vicious enough to kill a planeful of people.  Steve remembers the mystery woman he saw in Ireland.  Clearly, she is one crazy bitch.  As soon as Roman leaves the room, Steve cries out in agony that the crazy bitch was after him, so the plane crash was all his fault.  And speak of the deviless, she has come all the way to Salem and is standing outside Steve's room, and watches while the nurse sedates Steve.  I love these feisty nurses on Days of our Lives.  The Mysterious Woman watches all these events and also overhears that Kayla is pregnant.

The mysterious woman asks a murse for Kayla's room number and because security is so incredibly lax at Salem University Hospital, he practically takes her there.  However, the feisty nurse firmly tells her to go away because visiting hours are over.  Steve falls into a fitful sleep when the murse comes in and brings him a letter that was left for him at the nurses' station.  The letter reads, "That bitch will never have your baby," and it strikes the fear of God into Steve's heart.  He knows that she tracked him down in Salem!  He struggles to his feet to warn Kayla, but he's so weak that he collapses onto the floor.  Good thing for him, Kayla is wandering the halls and sneaks in to visit him.

Tony wants to wheedle his way into Anna's apartment to talk to her, but she's still mad at him.  He pretends that he wants to talk about his Stefano problem, but it's really just an excuse to spend time with her.  He asks her if she can put her grudge against him aside for a night.

Now that EJ and Sami are living in their own separate apartments, he is wondering if he can have Johnny stay with him for a while.  Sami, however, spaces out and doesn't hear a word he says.  She's preoccupied with the plane crash and her Grandpa's death and Bo's illness.  EJ suspects that John might still be under Stefano's thrall and caused the plane crash, and Sami freaks out and orders him to drive to the DiMera mansion as quickly as possible.

John is taking in the grandeur of the DiMera mansion and makes plans to take over as the new kingpin in town.  Tony, Anna, Sami and EJ come over because Marlena has big news to tell them.  She tells them that John is half-Brady and half-DiMera.  Lexie shows up just in time to learn that John is her uncle.  John announces that he is going to contact Stefano's estate lawyer so that he can inherit what rightfully belongs to him.  Everyone is really shocked that John would be so eager to become a DiMera, but I guess they really don't understand how amnesia works.  Sami scolds John for upsetting her mother, explaining that Marlena doesn't care about material possessions.  Anna asides that she never understood that about Marlena.  Ha!  That was a funny line!  Sami kicks her in the foot, and so John decides to give Anna a sensuous foot rub, making her giggle like a schoolgirl.  Of course, Tony and Marlena return to the room to catch them engaging in sketchy foot shenanigans.  Everyone goes home, but John says that the mansion is his home now.  Marlena won't give up on rehabilitating him back to nice.

Tony escorts Anna home and is all in a huff that she was flirting with Marlena's brain-damaged husband.  He wants to get back together with her, but she shoos him away because tomorrow is her first day of work.  She drops the bomb that she will be working for his competition.  He says that he would have given her a job if she wanted one, but what she really wants is his respect and to be treated as an equal.  He sadly leaves with his tail between his legs, but we see that they both regret not getting back together.

Hanging out at home alone, John toasts to Stefano's oil painting for setting him up with such nice digs.  By the way, I think it would kind of rock if John become Stefano 2.0.

In the waning moments of Days of our Lives today, Steve tries to warn Kayla that some crazy bitch is after her, but he can't bring himself to tell her.

Next on Days of our Lives: The sorority girls are still, like, so mad at Chelsea, Steve and the mystery woman have a tussle.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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