Days of our Lives: February 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 18 Live Thoughts
Abe Carver (James Reynolds) is ferociously trying to get some answers from the FAA about John Black's plane on today's Days of our Lives, but he keeps getting the run-around.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin), Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Max (Darin Brooks) wait frantically for some news.

Meanwhile, the plane has landed somewhere in Greenland.  John (Drake Hogestyn) wakes up in the snow.  He apparently survived the crash without any injury, even though he was physically ejected from his seat in the cockpit.  He takes out a flashlight and surveys the damage.  He sees all the other passengers lying unconscious in the snow.  From the looks of it, the fuselage must have disintegrated right before it hit the ground, allowing all the passengers to land gently and safely in the snow.  I'm just going to go with it.

Max is worried sick over his Pop, unaware that Gramps is no more.  Roman (Josh Taylor) confides in Abe that he would feel a helluva lot better of John weren't on the plane.  Chelsea wonders if Stefano DiMera was behind the plane crash.  Max bitches out Lexie (Renee Jones) for being related to the evil DiMeras.  Rude, much?  But then, later, he apologizes to her and acknowledges that his own biological father was a pretty bad guy too.  Max tries to comfort Stephanie, and they end up kissing.  Nothing like a disaster to bring people together, especially on Days of our Lives.  Abe finally hears something concrete from the FAA and learns that John's plane is down.

John walks around and sees pieces of the plane strewn about.  Also, there are trees.  Now, I'm no geography expert, but isn't Greenland too far north to support tree life?  Steve (Stephen Nichols) is out cold, but still alive.  Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) wake up groggily and Claire, cute as a button, asks her parents to "please get off of me."  She doesn't have a scratch on her and asks for juice.  John agrees that he needs some "grown-up juice" and snidely calls Belle "dink."  I love it when he's snide.  John finds a juice box for Claire and a mini-bottle of booze for himself.  They toast to his great landing, and he advises her never to let other kids take care of her toys, like he let those other two pilots fly his plane.

Belle runs off to take care of Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) who thankfully only has some superficial cuts on her face.  Next to her is Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), lying in the snow.  Philip tries to get up, but he's stuck under a pile of debris and his prosthetic leg is crushed.  They try and try and try to free him, but eventually Philip decides that he has to just detach the darn thing.

Belle finds Marlena (Deidre Hall) who wakes up to a lot of pain.  Shawn finds Hope (Kristian Alfonso) who appears to be okay.  Bo (Peter Reckell) is unconscious but alive.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) wakes up to find her Pop (Frank Parker) is dead.  But he was already dead because he gave up his oxygen so the others could breathe.  While Hope and Shawn work to revive Bo, Hope tells her son about Bo's cancer. 

Meanwhile, Marlena has gotten to her feet, but she's still in incredible plane because her shoulder has been dislocated.  She asks for John's help to pop her shoulder out.  Kayla cries over Steve and whispers that she's pregnant, and he finally wakes up.  She uses Marlena's medical bag and examines Steve for injuries, but in the middle of it, she starts cramping up herself.  Then, Bo stops breathing, so Hope has to administer CPR.  Marlena helps out with her automatic emergency defibrillator, and he eventually comes to.

Belle asks John to look after Claire for a while, since the kid has taken quite a shine to him.  They share more juice.  John takes out a flare gun and shoots it into the sky.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie and Max continue to worry, as the stranded Salemites pin their hopes on the flare gun.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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