Days of our Lives: February 13 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 13 Live Thoughts
Things are still tense at 30,000 feet elevation on today's Days of our Lives.  After checking in on John (Drake Hogestyn) in the cockpit, Steve (Stephen Nichols) comes back to the cabin to report to everyone that they are losing cabin pressure and none of the instruments work.  Belle (Martha Madison) distracts Claire with some cookies while Marlena (Deidre Hall) asks John point-blank if they are going to crash.  He says, "Not on my watch."

Sami (Alison Sweeney) comes home after her last visit with Lucas before he moves into the big house.  EJ (James Scott) tries to sympathize with her, but she's too glum to accept any consolation.  She admits that she still loves Lucas.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Max (Darin Brooks) come home after what seems to have been a fun day.  They talk about how much they miss their parents.

Sami is getting major cabin fever after being cooped up in the safehouse.  She misses her family and wants to leave.  EJ tries to distract her with board games, but Abe (James Reynolds) comes by to let them know that they don't have to stay in hiding anymore, given Stefano's comatose situation.  As soon as Abe leaves, Sami and EJ immediately get awkward about packing up and heading back to real life, as if they really enjoyed hiding away together.  I'm on to you, Sami!  She runs around getting ready and sounding distracted, and EJ thinks that he must have struck a nerve.  EJ asks permission to spend time with both babies once they are back home too.  Sami softens her attitude toward him and tells him about Marlena's belief that Colleen and Santo were reunited in death.

With her arms full of Ali, Sami pops in the DVD that Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) made and sits down to watch it.  Then, they finally finish packing everything up, and EJ says once more how much he enjoyed spending time with Sami and the babies.

Stephanie and Max make cute flirty talk, leading Stephanie to give him a kiss.  Suddenly, though, Max pulls away and doesn't think it's such a good idea to kiss.  He just wants to make sure that she is ready after her frightening rape before moving forward.  He makes it clear that he wants her, but he's just afraid that it might be too soon for her.  He offers himself as a snuggle-bug instead.  They seem to have a hard time with the not-kissing thing.

John tells the doomed passengers that they are at 32,000 feet, but they can't move left or right, up or down, and they can't land.  He can keep the plane up for two and a half more hours, but they might freeze to death long before then, not to mention suffocate from lack of oxygen.  Oof.  John comes back into the cockpit to find that the two pilots are passed out cold.  He has Marlena take a look and them and has no choice but to get into the pilot's seat while Marlena gets her black doctor bag to examine the pilots.  She determines that the pilots were drugged.  John suddenly remembers that he knows how to do some math and quickly calculates a way to land the plane before they run out of oxygen and without crashing.

Out in the cabin, everyone is bundled up and cuddling together, and Marlena comes out to tell them the good news that John may have figured out a way to land the plane, and the bad news that someone sabotaged the plane and drugged the pilots.  She reports that the they are losing oxygen as well.  The air pressure drops so much so that the oxygen masks fall out from the ceiling.  I hope they remember to secure their own masks before helping their neighbors put theirs on.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla tells Marlena that she's pregnant, Bo's oxygen mask doesn't work.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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