Days of our Lives: February 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: February 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins again for another exciting week of sudsy drama.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) goes to jail to visit Lucas (Bryan Dattilo).  He had his sentencing hearing today and found out that he'll be in the slammer for eight to ten years.  He coldly asks his wife where Ali is.  Quick cut to EJ (James Scott) at the safehouse with his arms full of crying twins.  It's kind of cute how he's overwhelmed with childcare.  Once he gets one to stop crying, the other one starts.  Tony (Thaao Penghlis) visits him.

The travelin' Bradys board John's private jet to take them back to Salem.  It looks an awful lot like a commercial airliner than a private jet.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) gets settled into his seat, but then spies the mystery woman whom he first saw at the Irish B&B on the tarmac.  He races off the jet.

John (Drake Hogestyn) says that the takeoff will be delayed because they have to de-ice the plane, so Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) leaves to look for Steve.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) asks John how he's dealing emotionally with the events of the past few days.  Marlena assures him that he has no blood on his hands because Colleen died peacefully.  He admits that he thought he saw young Colleen and young Santo, but he thinks he was just hallucinating.  Marlena tells Grandpa (Frank Parker), Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) about John's vision and wonders if Colleen's and Santo's love story ended happily after all.

Kayla succeeds in collecting Steve and dragging him back on the plane because the mystery woman eludes him.  (We get a close-up of her face, however, and it is Ava, played by Tamara Braun.)  He tells Kayla that he just forgot his phone on the tarmac.  Marlena calls Sami from the plane to tell her about what happened in Ireland and about how she believes that Colleen and Santo are now reunited in the afterlife.

Bo uses the time in the air to tell Hope about his unspecified terminal illnesses.  Well, he doesn't actually say that he has an illness.  He only vaguely alludes to something he has to take care of and that she needs to trust him about.  Sometimes Days of our Lives drives me crazy with this circular talk.  Just tell her, already!  He changes the subject by offering to get some snacks, which gives Hope a reason to say that she hasn't felt like eating in days and that she's tired, more clues that maybe she is the sick one.  But if they got the test results mixed up and she is sick, then what was Bo's fainting spell all about in the Irish countryside?  So many questions!

Sami explains to Lucas that she couldn't bring Ali because the child is still sick.  He also wanted to see Johnny too.  They rehash their entire storyline for a very long time, and he tells her that he'll love her forever.  She says that she'll love him forever too.  He wants her to move on once he's in prison, and makes her promise that she'll never trust EJ and avoid him when she can.  Finally, right before she has to be escorted out of the cell, Lucas gives her a DVD that he made for Ali.  He has recorded birthday messages for her for the first eight years of her life.  What, nothing for Johnny?  Look, I know that Johnny is technically not his son, but he is still his wife's son, and his daughter's twin brother.  Shouldn't that mean something?  I guess he can just pretend the little guy doesn't exist, since he has DiMera blood running through his veins.

Tony smirks at the tableau of EJ playing Mr. Mom and helps himself to some whiskey.  EJ asks his brother whether he has thoughts of reproducing, but Tony just wrinkles his nose distastefully.  At that moment, there's a knock at the door.  It's none other than Anna, who is still inexplicably at feud with Tony.  She came bearing gifts for the twins.  She plays with the twins and then asks where Sami is.  She sympathizes that it must be awkward that Sami is still in love with Lucas.  Tony casually mentions that, with Lucas out of the picture, Sami will soon forget about him.  This remark doesn't win Tony any favors in Anna's eyes.

In the middle of the flight home from Ireland, there's a loud noise and a huge amount of turbulence.  Ruh roh!

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea asks Caroline and Victor about their affair that produced Bo, Bo asks for Marlena's help, John checks in on the pilot.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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