Days of our Lives: December 7 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 7 Live Thoughts
Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are at Brady's Pub, trying to figure out who the third shooter was.  Kate's (Lauren Koslow) gun is the key that will bring them to the third suspect.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) runs on a treadmill--very slowly--while re-imagining Belle (Martha Madison) coming back to him.  Kate comes over, having made bail.  She is pissed off that Philip may have sold her out just to get Belle back.

Marlena is at home on the phone, asking her assistant to cancel all of her appointments for next week.  She is going away (i.e. to prison).  The doorbell rings and it's Roman (Josh Taylor).  She's been expecting him.

Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) freaks out that she killed Ford Decker.  Max (Brandon Beemer) offers to help them get rid of the evidence.

Marlena willingly gets ready to go to jail with Roman, but he tells her that they found the bullet that came from her gun in the alter.  And based on the position of the shell casing, there was no way she even came close to hitting Sami or EJ.  Marlena looks disappointed.

Kate had overheard Roman trying to bury the evidence pointing to Marlena at the police station, and decides to convince Roman herself to turn Marlena in.

Max has made coffee for Stephanie and Chelsea and offers to take care of Ford's body all by himself.

Kate wants Philip to call the Salem PD to report Roman's cover-up.  Philip agrees.

Roman takes John's gun, the one Marlena brought to the church, and the ballistics report, original and all the copies, and offers them to Marlena.  If there's no evidence to find, then there would be no reason to charge Marlena.

Chelsea comes downstairs.  Stephanie reminds her about what happened last night.  Chelsea realizes that everything was her fault.  Chelsea thinks about turning herself in.

Marlena begs Roman to take the evidence back to the police station, but Roman refuses.  He also tells her that he thinks that Kate shot a bullet through Sami's dress.  Kate barges in on them right when Roman tells Marlena to take the evidence.

Stephanie talks Chelsea out of confessing, coming close to telling her that she was one of Ford's rape victims as well.  Max comes back upstairs with the bad news that there is no way they can move Ford's body out of the house because of the all the surveillance cameras that Billie (Julie Pinson) put up.  Max's solution is that they have to keep Ford's body there permanently.

Abe Carver (James Reynolds) joins Bo and Hope with the FBI report regarding the gun that Kate shot.  He traced it back to a woman in Cincinnati named Lee Elroy, who told Abe to shove it.  Bo offers to go to Ohio to track her down.

Kate bitches at Marlena, who lunges at her to do her bodily harm.  Kate accuses Roman of protecting Marlena.  She calls Philip and tells him to make the call to the DA expose Roman's cover up.

Abe suggests that Hope go with Bo to Cincy to back him up.

Max wants to bury Ford's body in the basement by the water heater.  Chelsea gets a shovel for him and Stephanie leaves to get plastic sheeting and duct tape.  Alone, Chelsea relives the night Ford died.  It's a very long, extended flashback, as if Days of our Lives is running out of scripts or something and needs filler.  Stephanie is back and offers her some grilled cheese.  Stephanie assures Chelsea that everything is going to be normal again.  Right.  As soon as people realize that Ford is missing, the girls will be questioned.  They won't be able to move on.  Max walks back upstairs wearing Ford's clothes and both girls scream at the top of their lungs.

Marlena grabs Kate's phone and tells Philip not to do anything.  Then she tells Roman to turn her in.

Max explains that he has to pretend to be Ford leaving the house, so that the security cameras will pick him up.

Kate goes back to Philip's and thanks him for helping her out.

Bo and Hope leave for Cincy and run into Roman outside the pub.  He tells them that he arrested Marlena.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas is worried that Kate's gun will be traced back to him, Kayla and Steve discuss having a baby, Bo meets Lee Elroy in Cincinnati.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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