Days of our Lives: December 6 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 6 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), who are just about finished feeding the twins their breakfast.  Sami asks Lucas if he's okay with the twins while she does some errands.  Lucas is not happy about it, because he suspects that the errands no doubt include going to see EJ (James Scott), but he doesn't try to stop her.  Sami wears a ridiculous pink scarf, like she's a Pussy Cat Doll, or something.  EJ spies her leaving the apartment, and as soon as she's gone, he wheels himself over to the other apartment to ask Lucas if he can see Johnny.

Max (Darin Brooks) helps Caroline (Peggy McCay) open Brady's Pub for the day.  She asks him about his love life, and he makes borderline Oedipal comments that sort of skeeve me out.  As if there weren't enough almost-incest on Days of our Lives.

The Alpha Chi Theta girls are dealing with the accidental murder of Ford Decker.  Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is still very out of it, and likely doesn't remember any of it.  The other girls are left to decide what to do.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) takes charge.

Sami goes over to see Marlena (Deidre Hall), who offers her some tea.  Marlena starts in right away about Sami's complicated family life, and Sami admits that she may have gotten in above her head, juggling EJ and Lucas and the babies.

Lucas lets EJ hold Johnny.  Lucas uses this opportunity to question EJ about his miraculous recovery.  Lucas nose-whistles that EJ must be brain-dead as well as paralyzed.

Caroline asks Max about Morgan.  Max insists that he isn't interested in anyone right now, but Caroline just chuckles that he shouldn't let the right girl slip through his fingers.

All the sorority girls refuse to have anything to do with disposing of the body, so Stephanie offers to handle it herself.  Morgan is supposed to be a rich girl and all, but she has the most hideous fashion taste.  That V-neck tunic that she is wearing with gold piping is just awful.  The other girls at first don't want to let Stephanie take all the burden and all the risk, but Stephanie says it's personal because she was raped by Ford too--but still hasn't admitted it yet--and she's determined to handle it herself.

Caroline asks Max not to fall for a girl who needs 24-hour rescue service, like all of her other sons have met.  Sure enough, Stephanie calls him in a panic and asks for his help.

Marlena finally admits very matter-of-factly, that she may have to go to prison for trying to kill EJ.  Sami gets desperate at the thought that Marlena might go to jail or become the next victim of Stefano's rage.  But Marlena is remarkably calm.  She actually wishes that she really were the one who shot EJ, after all that the DiMeras have done to her family.

EJ tells Lucas that he regained his will to live because Sami kissed him.  Lucas sarcastically says that he's defeated and should throw in the towel.  EJ snits that Lucas seems overly self-confident today.  Sami comes back home to interrupt their male grandstanding.

Max comes over to the sorority house, and Stephanie breaks her vow of silence and tells Max all about how they came to have a dead Ford Decker in their basement.  Upstairs in her room, Chelsea dreams that Ford is alive and evil and ready for retribution.  Stephanie rehashes the night's events to Max, who asks if Ford is still alive.  We then cut to the scene in Chelsea's room where Ford is attacking her again.

Sami takes Johnny in her arms and EJ says that he's going to head back to his apartment.  When he's gone, Sami scolds Lucas for trying to make him suspicious.  Lucas puts his coat on so that he can get some fresh air; he's not happy with Sami right now.  EJ must hang around by his front door all day long, because as soon as Lucas leaves the building, EJ emerges from his apartment with a smile on his face.

Lucas heads over to Brady's Pub to talk to his mother Kate (Lauren Koslow).  He asks her one more time who she was intending to kill, Sami or EJ?

Sami gets a call from EJ, who pretends that he really needs her help.  She's worried about leaving the babies alone, and runs over to find EJ, shirtless, and sprawled all over the floor.

Max tells Stephanie that they should have called the police when Ford died, but Stephanie says they could all go to jail for it.  She comes close to admitting that she was one of Ford's victims, but she's too embarrassed and ashamed to admit it.  Stephanie starts crying, which triggers Max's chivalry and suggests that they have to go downstairs and check if Ford really is dead.  In Chelsea's room, Ford continues to threaten and frighten Chelsea.

EJ says that he lost his balance while working out with his weights.  He gets angry and yells that he needs his wife at home with him instead of next door with her lover.

Kate swears to Lucas that she was aiming at EJ when she shot the gun at the church.  She says that she wanted to shoot EJ to stop the wedding in order to get back into Lucas' good graces.

Stephanie and Max are just about to go down to the basement to check on Ford when they hear Chelsea screaming.  They run up into her room, but she's alone.  She had been dreaming up the attack the whole time.

Sami helps EJ back into his chair.  EJ tells Sami that she was truly the reason why he is better, and he promises to walk again.  The babies start crying, and she leaves to tend to them.  She pauses in the hallway to regain her composure.

Kate tells Lucas that she has a plan that will end Sami and EJ's once and for all.  She suggests making it look like the Bradys are not safe from the DiMera vendetta after all.  Those were the terms that Sami required, so if she thinks that the DiMeras aren't holding up their end of the agreement, she'll most surely bail out of the marriage.  Lucas agrees to the plan.

Stephanie convinces Chelsea that she was just dreaming.  Max comes in and confirms that Ford is indeed dead.  All three swear that they will take this secret to the grave.

Next on Days of our Lives: Roman might arrest Marlena, Chelsea and Stephanie continue to freak out.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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