Days of our Lives: December 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) sitting in front of a fire, reading a threatening note.  All the letters are cut out from magazine and pasted onto the paper, like the stereotype of a ransom note.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) fights with Sami (Alison Sweeney).  He sneers at her that she's made her marriage bed with EJ (James Scott), so she should go and lie in it.

Ford Decker is in the middle of trying to get Chelsea's (Rachel Melvin) clothes off when Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and the sorority sisters burst out from Cordy's room.  Chelsea stumbles up the stairs, and Ford follows her up.

Stefano crumples up the threat letter and tells Rolf about the letter.  He's been getting the same message every day, and says that they are from his old nemesis.

Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and Anna come by to visit with the baby.  They are on their way to the airport because they are moving abroad indefinitely.  Anna leaves to change the baby so that Tony can give EJ some fraternal advice about protecting his son.

Sami refuses to leave, but Lucas doesn't want to talk anymore.  As long as she's still EJ's wife, he has no interest in talking.

Chelsea almost makes it up to the second floor, but Ford catches up to her.  Chelsea elbows him and he falls backwards down the stairs.  At the bottom, he whimpers a little bit and then falls silent.  Morgan checks his vitals; he's no longer breathing.

Tony tells EJ that Johnny needs protection because he's a DiMera, and he needs protection particularly from Stefano.  EJ is doubtful, however, because he thinks Tony is just pissed off at Stefano for exiling him.  That's a pretty good reason, I'd say, EJ.  Tony begs EJ to get Johnny as far away from Stefano as he possibly can.

Lucas promises that he will succeed in getting Sami out of his life.  She tries to plead with him, but he tells her to go.  Instead of leaving, she starts kissing him until he gives in.

The girls start CPR on Ford, but it's too late because he's dead as a doornail.

EJ condescendingly tells Tony that he loves their father.  EJ says emphatically that Stefano is never going to harm Johnny, and Tony observes how naive EJ is.

Stefano is concerned about his nemesis rearing his head right now, while Johnny's future still hangs in the balance.  Stefano is worried about EJ's weakness, his need to be loved by Sami, and doesn't think that EJ can run the family.  Stefano vows to get rid of his nemesis this time.

Sami tries to take Lucas' shirt off, while Lucas protests.  Um, no means no, girlfriend.  But he finally succumbs and they fall into the sofa.

The sorority girls want to call the police, but Stephanie protests that they'll all be arrested for murder.

Tony tries to convince EJ that the DiMera legacy is cursed and he should break free from Stefano.

After sex, Sami tells Lucas that she told EJ that she has feelings for him to keep him alive so that Stefano won't go after their family.

Stephanie goes through the facts: they tricked Ford into coming over, they drugged him, and then he died.

Lucas is worried that EJ will be able to suss out that Sami is lying to him about being in love with him.  There's a knock at the door, and it's EJ.

Rolf says that the patient that they have stashed away downstairs is recovering nicely from the surgery.  As soon as he's better, Stefano will have him take care of his nemesis.  Who's the patient?  Is it Andre?  Did Andre not die?

Cordy says that Ford Decker was not human, and she's glad that he's dead.  The girls know that they are all equally culpable, and they agree that they don't want to call the police or go to jail because of him.  Stephanie suggests that they bring him to the basement until they can figure out what to do with his body.

Tony and Anna go over to the DiMera mansion.  Tony asks for one favor: to leave EJ's son alone.   Tony threatens that if Stefano bullies EJ, EJ will fight back to protect his son.

EJ has come by to Lucas' with Johnny.  He has brought the boy back so that he can be with his twin.  He hands over the baby and leaves.

All of the sorority girls remember all of the frightening moments they've suffered at Ford's hands.

Sami offers to stay so that she can help Lucas with the twins.  Lucas agrees that she can if she wants, but things are frosty between them.

Tony is frustrated with Stefano's non-response, but Anna tries to calm him down.

The Alpha Chi girls are ready to bring Ford's body down to the basement.  But Stephanie makes them all swear that they'll all keep this a secret from everybody.  They all swear, and then drag the body away.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie asks Max for help, Marlena tells Sami that she might have been the one who shot EJ.

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