Days of our Lives: December 21 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 21 Live Thoughts
Shawn (Brandon Beemer) helps Maggie plan a surprise a big holiday party.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) comes in and Shawn is not pleased to see her.  Elsewhere, Belle (Martha Madison) is setting up for the party and studying for her nursing class.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) shows up, and she tells him to go away.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) continue their fight.  Sami spits out that she wants out of their marriage.  Right.  Now.

Belle tells Philip to leave because she's furious that he told Bo (Peter Reckell) about Belle's involvement with the gun incident.  Philip asks her to just be honest with herself and with Shawn.

Shawn apologizes to Chloe for telling him about Belle and Philip in the middle of their high school reunion because he understands that she was just trying to help him.  Chloe changes the subject and says that she has a date with Philip tonight.  Shawn warns her about getting involved with a Kiriakis, but Chloe says that her going out with Philip will help Shawn.  She'll help get Philip's mind off of Belle.

EJ wants Sami to calm down and think about things before walking out on their marriage, but Sami refuses.  He then yells out her to get out, but says that she'll be back because she needs him and wants him.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) asks Billie (Julie Pinson) to be Ali's godmother.  She's touched, and accepts.  But she puts two and two together that Lucas might be about to get arrested.  Lucas promises that he's not going to be arrested, but Billie knows that he's worried about something.

Sami tells EJ that he's actually how she used to be: sneaky, selfish, thinking only of himself.  But she's not like that anymore.  But then EJ counters by saying that if she leaves, then he guarantees that people she loves will die.

Shawn tells Chloe that Philip is much more manipulative and ruthless than when they were in high school.

At the pub, Belle and Philip sit down together and continue to discuss Shawn.  Philip tells Belle that he asked Chloe out, and Belle doesn't think that's a good idea.  She thinks Chloe is using him, but he says that maybe he wants to be used.  He leaves to go to Chez Rouge for his date.

Lucas asks Billie to take Ali to Alice's at Christmas.  He says he doesn't have to run this by Sami first, which concerns Sami.

Sami doesn't takes EJ's threats seriously anymore.  She says for the umpteenth time that she's going to take Johnny and Ali and getting out of there.  Instead of talking, why can't she just do it?  But she says that the reason she is still there is because she's been dying to do this, and then she upends EJ's wheelchair.  He falls to the ground, hitting his head, and yells at her to get him up.  She just stands there laughing at him.  Evil Sami!  Lucas comes in, and Sami tells him the good news that she's going to get a divorce and she wants to come home.  Neither of them lift a finger to help EJ up.  He's fallen and he can't get up.

Shawn comes over to the pub, and things are very tense between him and Belle.  She begs him to talk to her, but he doesn't have anything to say.  She wants him to forgive her, but he can't, at least not yet.

Philip goes to Chez Rouge to pick up Chloe.  He won't tell her where he's going to take her, but she's intrigued.

Belle says she's so sorry and she promises never to deceive Shawn again.  Shawn says that things have to change around here.

Philip brings Chloe to his office at Titan.  He shows off all of his business acumen, and says that to become powerful, you have to be ruthless sometimes.  Chloe remembers what Shawn said about Philip's ruthlessness and gets a wary look on her face.

Lucas helps himself to a drink in EJ's apartment while EJ is still helplessly lying on the ground.

Billie talks to Maggie about her concerns about Lucas.  Billie, crying, tells her that she suspects Lucas won't be around to raise Ali.

EJ, lying on the floor, tells Lucas that he thinks that he was the one who shot EJ.

Chloe observes that Philip has changed since high school.  He tells her that he's been to war twice and has been wounded.  He's not the fun, romantic guy she used to know and he's lost the ability to love.  Chloe says that that's not true because she's seen the way he looks at Belle.

Belle and Shawn finally make up.  They hug and agree never to keep any more secrets.  He asks her if there's something else she wants to tell him, and she says yes.  She chickens out and says that what's on her mind is that she doesn't want to have any more kids.  Shawn is relieved.

Philip says that he's not in love with Belle, and Chloe says that she's not the same Chloe Lane that she used to be.  They fall on the couch, kissing.

Maggie thinks that Lucas might be back on the bottle, but Billie thinks it's much worse than that.  Maggie promises to look out for him.

Sami has gotten the kids out and as she and Lucas leave, EJ tells her that they're going to discuss this later.  Sami tells Lucas that her only regret is that it took her so long to realize what he and her family have been telling her all along.  For the first time in months, she finally feels free and happy.  Too bad Lucas doesn't.  He's gotta go on the run.

Next on Days of our Lives: Belle and Shawn wish each other Christmas, Chloe rips open Philip's shirt, Lucas tells Sami that he won't be home for Christmas.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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