Days of our Lives: December 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 18 Live Thoughts
Previously on Days of our Lives, Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) decided they want to try having a baby when they discovered that the breaks on their car were cut.  They determined that it wasn't a DiMera attack, however.  Today on Days of our Lives, Steve comes home from the garage where he dropped the car off.  Kayla greets him and suggests that they stay in and start working on making that baby.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) is at her wits' end trying to get Johnny to stop crying.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) comes by and Sami tells her that Lucas lied about not being at the church when she married EJ.

Nick (Blake Berris) and Max (Darin Brooks) go over to the sorority house.  Nick kisses Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) hello.  Meanwhile, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) has tracked down Cordy in the bathroom at Chez Rouge, where she has taken a whole bunch of pills.

Nick complains that he was looking forward to spend time with Chelsea, but he can see that she has too much on her mind.  He's kind of whiny and pissy.  He asks her who she can't stop thinking about.  (He overheard her saying that to Morgan on the phone.)  She admits that she can't stop thinking about Ford Decker, who is missing now.  Out in the living room, Morgan sidles up to Max and promises him a Christmas present.  Please, can we have the old Cordy back and replace Morgan with someone else?

In the bathroom, Cordy doesn't want Stephanie to call 911.  She says that no one understands what she's going through, but Stephanie says she does because Ford raped her too.  Cordy says that she didn't take any pills yet because Stephanie came in before she could.  Cordy just wanted everything to stop.  Stephanie tells her story.  She wanted to make Max jealous, so she went to a party and went after Ford.  But it all went terribly after he mixed her a drink.  They cry and hug each other.

At the sorority house, Max opens Morgan's gift.  It's an autographed photo of a famous race car driver.  In Chelsea's bedroom, Chelsea tells Nick the cover story about Ford.  But then, they hear a scream from the other room, and run out to see what's wrong.

Kayla leads Steve to the bedroom to get down to business.  Steve is hesitant, though, because pregnancy can be risky.  Kayla tries her best to assuage his worries with kisses.

Marlena and Sami continue their conversation.  Sami is worried that Lucas really did shoot EJ.  She thinks that it's all her fault.

The scream that Chelsea and Nick heard came from Carmen who was in the shower.  She says that the water immediately turned ice cold.  Nick says that it's probably a problem with the water heater, the water heater next to which lies the body of Ford Decker.  Nick offers to go downstairs to check on it, but Chelsea nixes that idea, asking Max to go instead.

At Chez Rouge, Stephanie continues the story of her rape.  Despite being horribly acted, it's a very sad story.  Cordy asks Stephanie why she kept it a secret for so long, and Stephanie says, sobbing, that it's because she was so scared.  Cordy is glad that Stephanie told her.  She forgives her for not bringing it up earlier, and asks that she forgive herself too.

At the sorority house, Chelsea pretends that Nick's Christmas present is in the basement, which is why he can't go down there.  Max goes.  Chelsea drags Nick into Cordy's room and wants to get cozy.  Can't she go up to her own room before hooking up with a boy?

Kayla tries to convince Steve that she'll get checked out to make sure that she's not at risk for complications with a pregnancy.

Downstairs in the sorority house basement, Max goes turn on the pilot light for the water heater.  He smooths out the area where he buried Ford.  When he comes back upstairs, Morgan says that they are going to take a nice hot bubble bath together.

Cordy wants Stephanie to go to therapy with her.

Marlena wants Sami to annul her marriage to EJ.  The way she sees it, either she must either fight the DiMeras or fold.

Max gives Morgan the "You're a really nice girl, but..." speech, and they break things off.  He leaves the house, and finds out from Carmen that Stephanie is at Chez Rouge.

Steve knows that something is bothering Stephanie and asks Kayla if she knows what's bothering their daughter.

Stephanie tells Cordy that therapy isn't for her.  It's because shows like Days of our Lives pull this kind of crap that there is still a stigma attached to therapy.  I think therapy would be a really good thing, but Stephanie acts like it's only for weirdos and crazy people.  Cordy says that Stephanie saved her life tonight, so now she wants to save hers.  She wants Stephanie to talk about the rape to someone or else it will break her.

Morgan sits alone in the living room when Nick comes out looking for some wine.  He asks where Max is, and mentions Stephanie, which makes Morgan suspicious that Max might be looking to get back with her.  Nick comes back to Chelsea, who is sitting naked in Cordy's bed.  If I were Cordy, I would be totally angry.  Nick undresses.

Steve decides that he's going to invite Stephanie to lunch to talk to her about what's going on.  Kayla pleads with him not to push her too much.

Cordy and Stephanie walk out of the bathroom at Chez Rouge.  Cordy begs Stephanie one last time to talk about what happened to her with someone she trusts.  Max overhears Cordy saying this.

Next on Days of our Lives: Marlena tells Hope what she told Stefano, Philip bargains on Kate's behalf, Stefano wants his enemies to disappear.

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