Days of our Lives: December 17 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: December 17 Live Thoughts
Nick (Blake Berris) has planned a romantic evening for Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) on today's Days of our Lives.  He's taken the trouble to get flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries, but Chelsea says that she has a lot of homework to do.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) goes over to the Alpha Chi Theta house.  Morgan has called her over because Cordy is holed up in her room again and refuses to talk to anyone.  Cordy, alone in her room, recalls the frightening night during which Ford Decker was accidentally killed.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) confronts Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) about his mysterious behavior toward his missing package.  He finally admits that his gun is in the box and that's why he needs it so desperately.  Across the hall, EJ (James Scott) has opened the package.  He gets a call from Bo (Peter Reckell) who has found out that he has the gun.

The girls enter Cordy's bedroom, and she says that she's still having nightmares about Ford.  She wants to call the police and confess to everything.

Nick takes Chelsea's cell phone so that she won't be distracted by anything.  Nick tells her about the fabulous dinner that he has planned for her, but she, like Cordy, is distracted by thoughts of Ford and spaces out.  She hasn't heard a word that he says in his toast.

Sami demands to know who is sending the gun back.  He tells her that he sent it to himself so that the police wouldn't search the place and find it.  She asks him again if he was the one who shot EJ.  Meanwhile, EJ has taped up the box again and put it away.  He gets a knock at the door, and it's Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).  EJ doesn't tell his father about either the gun or his newfound ability to walk.  Stefano reports that he is cleared to travel and will be gone for a while.  He shows EJ the letters he's been getting from his nemesis.

Lucas denies to Sami that he was even at the church during the wedding.  He gets a call from Kate (Lauren Koslow), who tells him that Bo is on his way to get the gun.  She orders him to get the gun back from EJ.  So, he hangs up and tells Sami that EJ has the gun now.

EJ reads through Stefano's letters and sees that this mysterious woman is threatening him.  Stefano says that he's going to neutralize the problem; otherwise the DiMera family would be ruined.

Back at Chez Rouge.  Chelsea asks Nick if she can tell him something and makes him promise that he's not going to running away.  But, she decides not to say anything after seeing Max across the room.

At the sorority house, the girls have made tea and soup for Cordy.  Billie (Julie Pinson) comes over and asks to speak to the girls about Ford Decker.

Sami offers to help Lucas because they are in this together.

Carmen and Morgan go back to Cordy's room to tell her and Stephanie that Billie wants to talk about Ford.  Cordy wants to confess everything to Billie, but Stephanie and the girls won't let her leave the room.  Morgan calls Chelsea to get back to the house.  Nick overhears her conversation and is disappointed to find out that she has to leave.  As soon as she's gone, Max (Darin Brooks) sits down and offers some guy advice.

Sami and Lucas go over to EJ's apartment to ask for the package.  He has it, but wants something in return.  He wants to take Sami and Johnny to Italy in the New Year.  Lucas tries to wrest the box from EJ's arms as Bo walks in.

Max advises Nick that if he had to spend all this money to get his girl's attention, then he probably didn't have her attention to begin with.

Chelsea comes back and immediately goes to Cordy's room.  Poor Cordy.  All the girls gang up on her and pressure to go along with them.  The girls plan their story, but Billie interrupts.

Nick wants to go and find out what is so important at the sorority that made Chelsea leave, but Max thinks that's not a good idea.

Lucas tries to keep the box from Bo, but Uncle Bo's got a warrant.  Bo asks Sami if she knows what's in the box.  Sami vouches for Lucas' innocence, but Bo tells her that Lucas hired a nurse to watch the twins that night.  I hope that Days of our Lives will tell us who the shooter is soon!

Nick convinces Max to go to the sorority house.  At the house, the girls tell Billie that Ford was at the house because he came over one night, really drunk, and he crashed on the sofa.  They all kept an eye on him all night in shifts.  Cordy gets up to leave the room, and Billie asks her if she has anything to add.

Sami tells Lucas what Bo told her about hiring a nurse the night she got married.  Lucas doesn't deny it and just throws it back in her face that he can't believe she married EJ.  Bo comes back and asks Lucas to give up his passport.  Bo says the ballistics report is not going to be back until after the holidays.

Billie asks the girls to contact her if they run into Ford again and leaves.  Stephanie goes to check on Cordy, but she's gone.

Lucas is angry that EJ set him up, but Sami wants him to tell him everything.

Next on Days of our Lives: Morgan wants to give Max a present, Marlena advises Sami to fight back, Nick asks Chelsea if something else is going on with her.

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