Days of our Lives: December 12 Recap
Days of our Lives: December 12 Recap
Days of our Lives begins right where we left off yesterday.  Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) are being recognized as class couple at their high school reunion, while Shawn simultaneously questions Belle about what she was doing with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) in that hotel room.  He found out because Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) tattled on her.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) calls Steve (Stephen Nichols) to see if he's okay.  Steve reports that someone cut their breakline, but he and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) are both alright.  He suspects that a DiMera was behind it, though.

EJ (James Scott) demands to know whether Sami (Alison Sweeney) knows who shot him.

At the reunion, Chloe takes over the microphone after giving Belle and Shawn their awards.  She asks them to dish about their wedding.  Philip goes outside to get some fresh air, and he's accosted by slutty, redheaded Cynthia, who is on her, like, tenth drink.  Cynthia badmouths Belle, and he tells her to stop talking about Belle like that.  Cynthia realizes that Philip still has feelings for Belle.  After receiving his award, Shawn abruptly leaves Belle's side to get some air, and flashbacks on his tense conversation with Philip before the wedding that resulted in fisticuffs.  It's a very, very long flashback.  It's like the entire old episode of Days of our Lives.

Cynthia interrupts Shawn's fitful reverie, and Belle comes out to talk to him.  She claims that her meeting with Philip in the hotel room isn't what he thinks.  Inside, Chloe sidles up to Philip and observes that the reunion could be worse, there could have been pig's blood dumped on everybody.  Chloe confesses to Philip that she told Shawn about running into Belle at Philip's hotel.

Shawn asks Belle for the whole story, or else he's out of here.  So she confesses that she and Philip planted the gun in the alley behind the pub so that he would find it and get into the police academy.  Shawn is furious to hear that she would lie to him like that, especially since what Philip asked in return was some time alone with her.  She insists that all they did was talk, however.  Shawn feels like a loser because of Belle's meddling, and wants her to let him make his own path through life.  Back inside, Philip gets an award for his military service.  Outside, Shawn tells Belle that he's going to tell Bo about how Philip planted the gun, but Philip jumps out and says that if he reports it, then Belle will be charged as an accessory as well.

At the pub, Steve and Kayla tell Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) about the car.  Bo tells Hope to ask Billie (Julie Pinson) to come down to the pub because he wants to ask her about Lucas' alibi on the night of the shooting.

Sami is indignant that EJ would suspect Lucas of shooting him.  She insists that she doesn't know who shot him, and she definitely thinks that it wasn't Lucas.  EJ wants to know if Sami is faking her feelings for him.  He thinks that whoever shot him either hates EJ or loves Sami, and Lucas tops both lists.  However, he doesn't believe that Sami wasn't involved.  Sami gets angry and says that she had nothing to do with it.  They begin to argue about what kind of marriage they are going to have.  He gives her an out: if she wants to walk out of the marriage, then he'll let her.  She says that she doesn't want to go, but EJ tells her that she has to move in with her.  She manages to dodge the question for a bit.  They discuss that they are not going to move out into another house because that would separate Lucas from Ali, so EJ offers to redecorate the apartment to make it more comfortable.

Lucas is frantic about finding his gun before the police get it, and rushes out the door.  But he's stopped when Billie shows up, demanding to know why Bo wants to ask her about Lucas' whereabouts when EJ got shot.  Lucas asks Billie to lie for him, but she says that she has to tell Bo the truth.  Lucas insists that he wasn't the one who shot EJ.  But she can't, and she goes.

Outside the pub, Bo and Steve find a gas siphon under the car.  The sloppy crime leads them to believe that it wasn't a DiMera after all, and more likely someone who wants them to believe that the DiMeras are back in business.

EJ asks Sami to hold him in her arms, like she did at the hospital, as an expression of her feelings for him.  So Sami kisses him, a huge one right on the lips, but is interrupted by Lucas banging on the door.  She asks to talk to Lucas.  In their own apartment, she asks Lucas why he had a gun in the house.  She's hurt that he would bring firearms into the house without consulting her.  She asks him why the police suspect him in EJ's shooting.  EJ eavesdrops with the baby monitor from the other apartment, while Lucas lies that he was not at the church when EJ got shot.  EJ realizes that although Sami might have no idea who tried to shoot him, but he suspects that Lucas might know.

At the pub, Bo tells Billie that he thinks Lucas is lying about his alibi.  Speaking of Lucas, he fends off Sami's advances and rushes off the shipping warehouse to pick up his package, which he says contains time-sensitive business papers.  EJ gets on the phone, impersonating Lucas, and calls the shipping company.

On the next Days of our Lives: Hope is concerned that Philip has gotten Shawn all worked up, Bo questions Billie, EJ accuses Sami of lying to him.

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