Days of our Lives: August 6 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 6 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, Bo (Peter Reckell) is scrambling around the house trying to get his special surprise for Hope (Kristian Alfonso) together.  He's even gathered together many of the Brady/Horton clan to help him out.  Hope finally arrives through the door to see all the hubbub.

At the hospital, EJ (James Scott) wants to discuss Ava with John (Drake Hogestyn).  She has indeed jumped bail because their sympathetic judge that John has bribed has been reassigned away from Ava's case.

At the hospital, Lexie (Renee Jones) is puzzled by Stefano's vitals.  By all rights, he should be awake.  And indeed he is.  As soon as she leaves the room, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) opens his eyes and tells a shocked Tony (Thaao Penghlis) not to tell anyone that he's awake.  If he keeps this secret, then all will be forgiven.

At Bo and Hope's, the ladies kick the men out to give Hope a makeover.  After her makeup is all done, the hairdresser comes over to do her hair.  Hope demands that Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) spill the beans on what Bo is planning, but Chelsea stays mum.  Hope comes downstairs after getting her hair done, and now it's time for her to get dressed.  She gets dressed in a white satin dress, showing off her very bony body.  Man, she's skinny.  She overhears Maggie saying that Bo requested her chef make some special crawfish étouffé, which reminds Hope about the last time she had it, which was in New Orleans when they were first married.  Cue flashbacks of old '80s-era Days of our Lives footage when Hope had meat on her bones and Bo had tons of facial hair.  Hope finally figures out Bo's surprise: he's recreating that wedding in New Orleans and wants to renew their wedding vows.  All of Hope's ladies-in-waiting give her the usuals: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Bo retire to the other room to have a drink together and so they can discuss Bo's predilection toward obstruction of justice.  Bo says that someone else knows that he tampered with evidence as well, and he's suspecting John Black and Ava Vitali.  The department got an anonymous email, which was traced to the Java Cafe, where Ava was seen working on a computer.  Right, like she's the only one who ever used a computer at the Java Cafe.

Bo gets dressed in a tux and leads a blindfolded Hope outside.  He takes off the blindfold so she can see that he has a white horse-drawn carriage for them to ride on.

John wants to know whom EJ will choose if Stefano finally comes to: Stefano or John.  EJ says that he'll choose himself.

At the hospital, Tony hems and haws about keeping Stefano's promise.  Stefano says that the person who caused the stroke must not know that he's awake.  Anna enters the room unannounced.  She heard Tony talking to him and is bewildered that Tony would want Stefano to wake up.  Now, what I'm curious about is, how the heck has Stefano been fooling everyone?  Now that he's awake, how is he able to, like, keep from scratching an itch on his nose, or blink, or cough, or shift around in his bed?  Tony takes Anna out into the hallway and tells her that Stefano is awake.  Way to keep a secret, dude.  Unfortunately, Lexie and John overhear him.  Tony covers his tracks and tells Lexie and John that he meant that Stefano should be awake.

EJ chats with Stefano.  Stefano reveals to EJ that he's awake as well.  Well, Stefano can't expect his current conscious state to stay a secret if he keeps telling people about it, can he?  EJ wonders if his father heard him asking for forgiveness.  EJ promises not to tell anyone that he's awake.

Lexie goes into Stefano's room and wants to check his motor reflexes.  She uses a little spikey thing to test whether he feels pain, and as soon as she applies it to his h and, Stefano opens his eyes.  That's enough to convince John that Stefano is awake, but Lexie says it could be a muscle spasm.  She needs to run more tests because he's non-responsive again.  Out in the hallway, Lexie tells everyone that they can try electro-therapy.  EJ and Tony don't want her to shock him, but John doesn't care whether the old man lives or dies.

Meanwhile, Marlena (Deidre Hall) goes home to take a shower before going back to the hospital to check on Stefano.  She's not alone, though.  Stefano has hired someone to stake out her house menacingly, while he laughs evilly in his hospital room.  Isn't he afraid that someone is going to hear him laughing?

Next on Days of our Lives: Hope and Bo renew their vows, more Stefano shenanigans.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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