Days of our Lives: August 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 5 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today in Marseilles, France.  Max (Darin Brooks) has finally found his half-sister Melanie, but she doesn't believe that he might be her brother.  She clearly has had a better relationship with Trent Robbins than Max had.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is lounging poolside out in his backyard, being waited on hand and foot by Henderson.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) barges in and wants to talk to Philip.

John (Drake Hogestyn), at home in his mansion, finds a letter from Ava that indicates that she has fled the country.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) comes over to tell him Stefano has had a seizure, which means that he might be coming out of his coma soon.

Hope knows that Bo concealed evidence to protect Philip, and now an anonymous email has surfaced, meaning that someone else knows the secret too.  Hope wants to go down to the station and report Philip, but she can't because she wants to protect Bo.  I guess Hope leaves to go do some "police work" or something because Morgan Hollingsworth suddenly appears.  She has taken it upon herself to relieve Henderson of his duties so that she can take care of Philip herself.  She nixes his bid for nooky, telling him that she is there to make sure that he doesn't do anything that would jeopardize his recovery from the gunshot wound.

Marlena is afraid of retribution from Stefano, but John decides that he wants to kill him before Stefano gets out of the coma.  He heads down to the hospital despite her protestations.  Once he is gone, she espies the letter that Ava wrote to him.  Marlena immediately gets on the phone and tells Roman that Ava has jumped bail.

Down at the hospital, Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and EJ (James Scott) gets the update on Stefano's condition from Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), who is unusually chipper considering that the man who tried to annihilate her family might be waking up.  Tony is afraid that Stefano is plotting something, even in his unconscious state.  He is also worried that Stefano will be upset to find out that John has taken over the family business, and EJ and Tony are now working for John.  Kayla comes back with the latest MRI scan, which indicates that one part of Stefano's brain is exhibiting activity.  John crashes the party menacingly.  He whispers into Stefano's (Joseph Mascolo), "What are you plotting?"  Kayla reminds him that if he does wake up, there's a good chance that he might be brain damaged in some way.  She also says that the seizure might also be a sign that Stefano is deteriorating and may be dying.

EJ goes out to the waiting room and finds Nicole out there.  EJ confides in her all his worries about the possibility of Stefano coming back.  Later on, Trent finds Nicole and tells her to hurry up and find out why Max Brady has traveled to France.  Trent threatens to reveal to Victor that he (Trent) and Nicole are still legally married, which means that she defrauded Victor of the divorce settlement when they weren't even legally married.  EJ comes back and tells Nicole that Stephanie and Max are in France, hanging out with some old racing buddies.  Trent overhears, but he doesn't look satisfied.

Marlena also goes down to the hospital, and she imagines that Stefano wakes up and threatens her.  John tells her that he's going to kill him quickly and cleanly, and she better not interfere.  She doesn't condone any kind of action against him, which is funny, since Marlena was the one who put Stefano into the coma in the first place.  Marlena goes in to Stefano's room and tells him that she would put him in a coma again in a heartbeat.  His blood pressure monitor goes off, and Stefano says inside his head that they all better be ready when he enacts his revenge.

In France, Melanie says that she's going to call her dad to ask about Max, but he doesn't want her to.  By the way, we can tell it's France because there is accordion music playing in the background.  Any self-respecting French city always has multitudinous accordion players milling about in the street.  Max tells her that Trent doesn't know anything about his international trip to look for her.  She realizes that Max is the famous racecar driver when a random Frenchie asks him for his autograph, which she thinks is pretty cool.  Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) joins them at the cafe, and Melanie acts pretty bratty around her.  Max gets up to take a phone call from Caroline, leaving Melanie and Stephanie to talk together.  Stephanie knows Melanie's game of leeching money off of rich people and then dumping them.  Then Trent calls her and she answers the phone and wheedles more money from him.  In private, Stephanie warns Max that Melanie might hit him up for money, since that seems to be her modus operandi, but Max wants Steph to cut her some slack.  Melanie tries to sneak out of the cafe, but some French cops arrest her immediately.

Next on Days of our Lives: John tells EJ that he's going to have to make a choice, Bo tells Steve that someone else knows about his breach in ethics.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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