Days of our Lives: August 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 29 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, Lexie (Renee Jones) brings a very silent Theo to his appointment.  He doesn't want to go and she tugs at his arm.  Just then, John (Drake Hogestyn) storms in, saying that Marlena is missing.  He demands that Lexie find her patient.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) is actually in her old office, but her assistant says that she has canceled all her patients for the day.  (Then we cut to a flashback of when Marlena was attacked in her home.  It's just as hilarious as the first time I saw it.  Deidre Hall, wonderful though she may be, is not so good at stunts, even the mild, mild stunt of trying to attack her assailant with a knife.)  Marlena's assistant tells her that if she really wants to work today, she can treat a walk-in patient.

Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) sit, dreading their meeting with Chelsea (Rachel Melvin).  Chelsea shows up.  She says the funniest thing I've heard all day: "How do I get past the fact that my boyfriend slept with my grandmother?"  Only on Days of our Lives!  She asks Daniel whether he took himself off her case during the pancreatic transplant because he was hooking up with Kate, but he says no.  Then she says why they didn't just tell her about it, and what it really was between them.  Eventually, Chelsea decides that Daniel is just a player, and she can't forgive either him or Kate because they both knew how she felt about Daniel when they slept together.

EJ (James Scott), with his morning coffee, finds Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and Anna (Leann Hunley) at the doorstep of the DiMera mansion.  Apparently, Tony wants to move in to the mansion as well, since he claims to have just as much right to it as well.  EJ wants to work John from the inside and then oust him slowly, but Tony wants to take a more aggressive approach and stage a coup.  Anna doesn't want either of them to do anything of the sort.  EJ and Tony say they have the same ends in mind.  Tony thinks that Stefano can't be a threat to their cause.  At that moment, the doorbell rings and Anna signs for a package delivery.  EJ looks at the slip and knows at once that it is Stefano's doing.  They open the packages and see that they are filled with Stefano's favorite booze, cigars and DVDs.  EJ thinks that Stefano is planning on moving in, but Tony naively doesn't think Stefano would dare to show his face there with the police on alert.

Lexie tells John that she called security to track down Marlena.  Her clothes and belongings are also gone, so she may have already left the hospital.  (Except, the viewers already know exactly where she is.  I hate how there's always a lag time for all the characters to catch up to where the viewers are.)

Marlena's new patient is a middle-aged woman named Dora who thinks that her life is getting uncontrollable.  She's scared of ending up alone and feels paralyzed.  Upon hearing the word "paralyzed," Marlena pauses and has a "smell the fart" moment (TM Joey Tribbiani from Friends).  Marlena tells her to take charge of her life.  This is something that Dora must do for herself.  This is all really just a symbol of the way Marlena must take charge of her own life and not live in fear of Stefano.  What is this?  Grey's Anatomy?  John barges into her session, and Dora rushes out.  Marlena tells John that she can take care of herself and she probably don't need him in her life anymore.  She says that she was living in the past, and now she has to get her own life back together.  She needs a clean break.  John says she's selfish.  He can't quite come out and say that he loves her, but he gets pretty close.  This is what she needed to hear, I guess.  She bursts into tears and gives him a big hug and kiss.  Yay!  John and Marlena are back together and we can finally get on with our lives.  The next shot we get of them, they are cuddling post-coitally on Marlena's shrink couch.  John crows that he knew he could win her back.  Marlena realizes that this was just a challenge for him, and immediately regrets what she did.  John says that she has to come home with him so that he can protect her, but she doesn't want to.  EJ calls John on his cell to tell him there is a situation over at the mansion.

John and Marlena head over to the mansion, and she protests the whole situation the entire way.  John opens the door to find the boxes of all of Stefano's stuff.  EJ tells him that Tony has moved in, and Stefano is probably not too far behind.  Stefano wants to reclaim his empire.  Tony is an ass, by the way, for forcing Anna to move into the mansion against her will.  The phone rings, and Tony answers.  It's Stefano who says that he is coming home and would like his room ready.

Next on Days of our Lives: Steve is looking for Hollingsworth, Max doesn't want to leave France, Bo questions John some more about Hollingsworth.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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