Days of our Lives: August 21 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 21 Live Thoughts
Nicole makes her way back over to the hospital lobby on today's Days of our Lives.  Nothing has really changed, though.  Roman (Josh Taylor) has figured out that someone tampered with the ventilation system and some kind of strange gas is being pulled into the seventh floor.  I'm glad that the characters on Days of our Lives are finally catching up to what we know.  The camera feeds are back on and Nicole sees Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) kissing passionately.

Up on the seventh floor, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) wakes up and rouses Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin.  Still locked in the lab, Steve (Stephen Nichols) tries to comfort Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) who is wailing in grief that her baby has been stolen.

Kayla and Steve deduce that Stefano was the one who took their baby.

EJ starts to undress Sami, but then he comes to his senses and says that they can't do this.  Sami laughs a little, and instead of blaming him like she usually does, says that they should just figure out how to get out.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) rushes over to the hospital after she hears on the news that Lucas is trapped in the hospital.  Roman tells her that they are doing everything they can to get everyone out, but Kate pesters him to try harder.  It's a wonder that anything gets done in Salem, with all the citizens trying to tell the professionals how to do their jobs.

Lucas and Chloe decide to explore the floor to find a way out, but in the hallway, they run into Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).  Stefano pulls out a little portable video device and shows him the camera footage of EJ and Sami making out.  Neither Lucas nor Chloe is surprised to see this.  Lucas and Chloe go back to their hospital room, and Lucas complains bitterly about having to jump through hoops for Sami.  He says once and for all that he's through with Sami.  He kisses Chloe, but they are interrupted by the sound of a baby crying.  Locked in the lab, Steve and Kayla hear Joey crying too.  Lucas and Chloe run out to look for the baby and along the way, they free Steve and Kayla from the lab too.  The four of them search for the baby.  Eventually, Kayla and Steve find him in a room.  Kayla finds a mark on his wrist that she's never seen before, but she and Steve just figure that it's a freckle.

Down in the lobby, the cops and Kate and Nicole all see Sami and EJ together.  Up on the seventh floor, Sami is pacing.  EJ asks her if their makeout session and her confession of caring about him were due to the circumstances, and she says immediately that it wasn't.  She meant what she said: she can't imagine her life without her.

Roman and Abe go up to the sixth floor and manage to get into the little stairwell where Sami and EJ are.  Abe and Roman tell them to get downstairs and get checked out by Lexie (Renee Jones).  Downstairs, Sami and EJ tell Lexie and Kate that Marlena was the one who paralyzed Stefano in the first place, and now Stefano has done the same thing to  her.  Kate confronts Sami about not caring about Lucas.

EJ sees Nicole in the lobby and gives her a hug.  Nicole angrily lashes out at him for kissing Sami.

Roman and Abe and their backup finally get onto the seventh floor, but Stefano starts talking to them via a television in one of the hospital rooms.  (Joseph Mascolo's Italian accent is quite uneven here, though.)  He tells them that Marlena should be arrested and brought to justice for paralyzing him.  And if they don't do that, he'll have to take matters into his own hands.

Lucas and Chloe make their way downstairs and Kate greets them with a hug.  Lucas assures Kate that he's over Sami for good.

Next on Days of our Lives: Marlena is getting worse, Tony wants to confront John Black.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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