Days of our Lives: August 19 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 19 Live Thoughts
Nicole's noir nightmare continues today on Days of our Lives.  Real Nicole pours herself a drink and looks into the mirror and continues fantasizing that she just garotted Sami (Alison Sweeney) with her scarf.  But apparently, she didn't garotte her enough because Sami regains consciousness and fights back.  This time, Nicole uses a pillow to smother her until she is good and dead.

Meanwhile, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), alone in his private detective office, laments the fact that he saw Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) and Philip, a.k.a. Philly (Jay Kenneth Johnson) kissing at the club.

EJ (James Scott) comes home, so Nicole hides Sami's body.  She accuses him of two-timing her with Sami and he doesn't deny it.  He says that he's a grifter and he's incapable of staying faithful to any woman.  Nicole implies that she did something drastic to keep EJ around, but she doesn't say what it is.  But it's no use; Junior leaves her cold.

Lucas confronts Philly and Chloe kissing.  Lucas says in a pained voice that Chloe doesn't work for him anymore so who she kisses is not his business. He leaves sadly, giving Philly the opportunity to wield his power over Chloe.  He tells her to get ready for the next show, so she goes over to rehearse her love ballads with the pianist, named Sam.  Philip tells her that he promises not to do anything to her that she doesn't want, and he won't fire her either.  Chloe decides that she can't live without Lucas, so she quits her job and goes.  Philly lets her go with a "go get 'im, kid."  After she leaves, EJ comes to the club for a whiskey.    EJ says that he and Sami were supposed to meet this afternoon to go away together, but he hasn't seen her.  He suspects that something bad may have happened to her.

Lucas goes back to the office and narrates his detective-woe is me schtick.  He decides to get good and drunk since he just got rejected by two dames in one day.  Suddenly, though, the phone rings.  Nicole calls to tell him that she "took care of her."  She tells him to get over to her place immediately.  He goes over and finds her lounging sultrily in her bedroom.  He asks her where Sami is, and Nicole shows him the body.  He's not taking the rap for this, but Nicole has other ideas.  She wants him to help hide the body, but Lucas pull out his gun on her.  She dares him to plug her, but he "doesn't rub out dames."  He gives her his gun, no serial numbers and taped so there will be no fingerprints, and hits the road.

Chloe goes to look for Lucas at his office, but he isn't there.  She sadly thinks any chance she had with him is now gone.  She looks out the window, contemplating the 12 stories to the ground, and Lucas rushes in and tells her not to jump.  She says that she quit her job because all she's ever wanted was him.  He says that's music to his ears and kisses her.  What about your wife, she asks?  They decide to skip town together, but before they do, Lucas has to do one more thing.

Nicole goes to Club Marlowe to look for EJ who is still drinking with Philly.  She tells him that she killed Sami, but he doesn't believe her at first.  She pulls out the gun Lucas gave her and says very dramatically that if she can't have him, then she'll kill him and then kill herself.  EJ can't believe that she would kill for him.  He takes the gun from her, and he tells her that he loves her but she has to get out of Salem.  She'll only go if he'll come with her, and he says he will.  She grabs a drink from the martini glass on the bar before heading out, leaving fingerprints.  They go back to the house to pack.  They start kissing and removing articles of clothing, but there is knock at the door.  The cops, Roman (Josh Taylor) and Abe (James Reynolds), bust in and arrest Nicole for the murder of Sami Brady.  Lucas turned her in to the cops, that was the last thing he had to do before going away with Chloe.  The cops cuff Nicole and drag her away, while EJ just casually smokes a cigarette, not carring.  He grabs a wad of Nicole's cash as soon as they're gone.

In real life, the real Nicole gets frustrated that she can't even get EJ in her own imagination.  She mutters to herself that she has to find out what's going on in the hospital where EJ and Sami are trapped together.

Next on Days of our Lives: It's back to real life on Days of our Lives.  Stefano holds a baby, Marlena is paid a visit from an old friend.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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