Days of our Lives: August 14 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 14 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, the Salem PD headed by Roman (Josh Taylor) brings a team of officers to the hospital to investigate the lockdown on the seventh floor.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Nicole (Arianne Zuker) are also present.

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) has sneaked into Marlena's (Deidre Hall) room.  He's got revenge on the brain.  Marlena manages to whisper that she is sorry, but he monologues on and on about what he wants to do to her.

John (Drake Hogestyn), Tony (Thaao Penghlis) and Anna (Leann Hunley) have tracked down the control panel for the ventilation system. Anna takes offense that Tony won't let her touch the controls, even though she just wants to play eeny-meeny-miny-mo.  Tony and John get into an argument over their differences instead of working together to figure out the controls.

Instead of getting on with the revenge already, Stefano drones on and on about why he wants to take revenge and even flashbacks to multiple points in the past when he was obsessed with her.  Like, the time he took her to the opera, and the time he asked her by moonlight to be his queen of the night.  Finally, Stefano reaches over and grabs a syringe and prepares to jab her with it.  The stupid thing is, he doesn't even know that the syringe contains the antidote that Kayla prepared to help Marlena.  He just wants to randomly inject her with stuff.  Unfortunately, before he injects, the power goes out.  He deduces that Marlena wants him to inject her and guesses that it must be an antidote.  Stefano engages in more exposition, going so far as to whip out the broken disc containing John's memories and waving it front of Marlena's face.

Anna scolds John and Tony for fighting when they should be figuring out how to stop the ventilation system from spewing noxious gas.  She storms back out to the hallway, and Tony rushes out to speak to her.  She encourages him to go back and help John.  When the power goes out, John and Tony decide to just sit down and have a nice chat instead of, you know, doing something.  There's an awful lot of talk on Days of our Lives when there should be more action.  Even though this hardly seems relevant to me, Tony and John begin discussing Marlena.  Tony tells John that Marlena loves him and is still in love with him.  Eventually, the conversation turns to Tony's allegiance.  John asks him to choose between John or Stefano.  Tony reluctantly says that he'll work with John.  Immediately, Tony turns around and sees Stefano who bitches Tony out for betraying him.  Tony takes a wrench and strikes Stefano, but there's a good chance that Tony is hallucinating and it's actually someone else he just struck.

Anna goes into Stefano's room, looking for clues that might help her figure things out.  She hears Stefano's voice talking to her menacingly, and it's unclear whether it's the real Stefano or a hallucination caused the the fumes.  Suddenly, she turns and a dark figure approaches her, putting his hands around her neck.  We don't see his face, however.  She screams in terror.

Nicole is worried that EJ is stuck in the hospital, and Philip is worried for Lucas and Chloe.  Nicole is worried sick, and realizes that she must really be falling for EJ.  Instead of trying to make themselves useful, Philip advises Nicole to bite the bullet and tell EJ how she feels about him.  He flatters her and says that she's worthy of EJ's affection.  Uh oh, are Philip and Nicole going to get together now?  Meanwhile, one of Roman's underlings gives him a list of all the people who are trapped on the seventh floor.  Roman confirms to Nicole and Philip that EJ, Lucas and Chloe are among the trapped.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla calls out for help, Nicole finds out that EJ and Sami are trapped together, Sami cries over EJ's unconscious body.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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