Days of our Lives: August 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: August 12 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives continues in the hospital today.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) promises Sami (Alison Sweeney) that she will have the residue in the syringe tested to determine what Marlena (Deidre Hall) was injected with.  Steve (Stephen Nichols) comes to the hospital for Joey's checkup and Kayla fills him in on what happened.

Over in Stefano's room, Stefano bitches out Anna, so Tony (Thaao Penghlis) defends her.  By the way, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is doing a terrible job at keeping his newly awakened state a secret because the blinds aren't even drawn on the windows.  John (Drake Hogestyn) walks in and demands that Stefano tell him what he had done to Marlena.

Sami and EJ (James Scott) argue outside of Marlena's room about whether or not Marlena was actually responsible for putting Stefano in a coma.  Sami warns EJ that he has to choose carefully about which side he's on.

Marlena is still able to talk a bit and indicates that she knows what was in the needle - the same toxin that she gave Stefano.  Um, hello?  She's running out of time and she waited this long to speak up, when she's quickly losing the ability to speak?  Stupid!  Kayla writes down all the drugs that Marlena recites, and Kayla promises to look for the antidote.  If I recall, when Marlena

John and Stefano exchange threatening and menacing words with each other which basically sum up the last three months of plot on Days of our Lives, including Coleen Brady's death.  John leans over to strangle Stefano, so EJ barges in and breaks it up.  EJ inadvertently lets slip that John had a fling with Ava Vitali.  Then, John says that EJ lives in his mansion and is employed as his lawyer, which Stefano takes as a betrayal.

Tony requests a private conversation with Marlena.  He asks her if she really was responsible for putting Stefano in a coma and she says that she was.  Tony is disillusioned because Marlena is the last person he would have thought capable of such a heinous act.  Marlena whispers that she had no choice because she had to protect her family, and Tony says that she sounds exactly like Stefano.  After Tony's visit, Anna comes into Marlena's room to offer her support for Marlena.  Anna also supports Marlena's reason for exacting revenge on Stefano.

John also has a private conversation with Stefano.  John wants answers, so he takes Stefano's fingers and threatens to break them.  At one point, Stefano says that it is done, it being the destruction of his enemies.  He plays coy and doesn't explain further, leaving John with no choice but to strangle him.  Steve comes in and wrestles John off of Stefano, convincing him that killing Stefano right now is not the way to get revenge, especially since if Stefano dies, then Marlena's chance of survival might lessen.

In the lab, Kayla may have found something that could help Marlena.  Kayla comes back and tells Marlena that she may have found something to slow down the process.  She found some antitoxins - which, incidentally, might be poisonous.  So what could help her could also make her worse.  Marlena consents to go through with it and Kayla gets the injection ready.  But some noxious gases are entering the room through the airvent, and Kayla start coughing.

Meanwhile, Sami and EJ discover that the doors to the roof of the hospital are all locked, the landlines don't work and there is no cell phone reception either.  They take a quick tour of the hospital, and they seem to be trapped, with no way to communicate with the outside world.  Anna goes back to Stefano's room and discovers that his bed is empty.  Sami turns on the TV news report that says that the seventh floor of the Salem University Hospital is under lockdown.  Steve brings Joey to the lab to look for Kayla, but ends up getting locked in the room.  Why the heck is he bringing a prematurely-born infant into a medical lab anyway?  Steve tries to break the door down, but starts coughing because of the noxious gases.

Next on Days of our Lives: Everyone panics because of the gases and Stefano laughs his evil laughter.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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