Days of our Lives: April 9 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 9 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) has brought a hoodied Daniel (Shawn Christian) to the coffee house.  She asks him if he likes the coffee, and he answers soberly that he likes it.  He likes it a lot.  Hrm, is he talking about the coffee, or about a recently de-pancreased brunette that we we all know and love.  He invites Chelsea to join him in hitting all the hot spots of Salem before he has to leave town.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) go to Chez Rouge to have dinner and to meet Mickey Horton about EJ's new job.  They have to continue to keep up appearances as a happily married couple for the sake of the INS guy.

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) are at their wits' ends, trying to track down Brady.  Chloe is losing faith that he will ever be found, and is afraid that she'll have to go to jail for the rest of her life.  Nicole (Arianne Zuker) shows up and asks what they're talking about.  Chloe gets all aggressive toward Nicole.  Philip gets Nicole alone and tells her there is an important matter he needs to discuss with her.  She's wearing this champagne-colored satin strappy dress that she is dying to show off, so she insists that Philip take her out to dinner at Chez Rouge to discuss the matter there.  She should do something about her panty lines, however.  He agrees, and as soon as he leaves the room, Nicole quickly gets on the phone with the Austrian consulate.

John (Drake Hogestyn) shows up unexpectedly at Marlena's (Deidre Hall) office.  He says cryptically that he knows that she wants the old John back, and so that's what he's going to give her.  She asks for clarification, and he tells her that she can hypnotize him.  If it doesn't work, then he wants her to take it as proof that the old John is forever gone.  Oh, darn!  I thought that this was going to be racy.  Marlena only agrees to go through with it if he verbalizes the feelings he is harboring toward Stefano and Rolf right now.  After some prodding, he admits that he hates Stefano and that karma's a bitch.  Finally, they get around to the hypnosis.  Marlena asks John to remember his first memory, and in his trance-like state, John describes a great coldness and a doctor named Rolf.  She begins telling him about all the great times they've had in the past.  However, he has no memory of these events - because all those memories are downloaded onto a mini disc - and gets agitated.  She finally wakes him up and tells him that she won't interfere with his life anymore.  She looks so sad, but she hasn't lost all hope.

Nick (Blake Berris) stops by the coffeeshop and joins Chelsea and Daniel.  The two dudes start talking hybrid and hydrogen cars.  Chelsea fidgets in her seat, beginning to look unwell.  She insists that she's fine, but Daniel wants to take her to the hospital.  This perks up Nick's suspicions about whether Daniel's concern for Chelsea is more than just professional.  He asks Daniel point-blank if he's trying to make a move on his girlfriend.  Gawd, Nick is so insecure.

Nick finds Chelsea and asks if she's alright.  He asks her where she sees herself relationship-wise down the road in the future.  He says that he sees himself with her and that he promises that he will always put her first in his life.

Meanwhile, at Chez Rouge, EJ tells Sami that he has forgiven Lucas for trying to kill him on their wedding day.  Nicole and Philip arrive at Chez Rouge as well, and Nicole rushes off to say hi to Sami.  Sami is really annoyed to see Nicole, and Nicole starts putting the moves on EJ.  Nicole goes back to her table with Philip, and Philip tells Nicole to stay away from Victor.  Nicole insists that she and Victor are still married, even though Victor was declared legally dead while they were married.  So, she prances back over to Sami and EJ's table and asks EJ for legal advice on her marital status.

Chloe is home alone in the Kiriakis mansion.  She answers the phone, and a male voice asks for Chloe Black, and then hangs up.  Later on, two men from the Austrian consulate wearing suits and thick Austrian accents arrive at the door, looking for Chloe.

Next on Days of our Lives: Nicole wants to hire EJ, the Austrians want to take Chloe into custody, Marlena still wants her old John back.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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