Days of our Lives: April 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 29 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins at the pub.  Sami (Alison Sweeney) is rehashing all the things that she learned about Brady's supposed disappearance to EJ (James Scott).  She and EJ go over notes for their immigration meeting.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) show up, and Sami excitedly tells her that Brady has been found.  Victor (John Aniston) comes to the pub too, and Sami glares at him.

Chloe has been cleared of all charges by the Austrian consulate and is on a plane to Zurich.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) goes to the police station and tells Roman (Josh Taylor) and Abe (James Reynolds) that he wants to make sure that Chloe can't press charges against his father for framing her in Brady's disappearance.

Sami demands to know why Victor stashed Brady in the rehab clinic without telling anyone.  Marlena is also indignant.  John gets angry at Victor as well.  Philip goes to the pub and joins in on giving Victor a dressing-down.  John gets a call from the Salem PD.  He says that Roman needs to question him about something, so Marlena offers to go down to the station with him.  Philip overhears all of this and tells Victor.  Victor wants to go with Philip to find out what's going on, but Philip tells him to no.

EJ, trying to get Sami in the lovey-dovey mood, holds her hand and tells her that he loves her.  She laughs in his face.  EJ changes his tack and suggests that they just act normal.

Paul Hollingsworth is at the police station, accompanied by his daughter Morgan.  She is very indignant and a tad uppity about what Abe and Roman are implying about his code of ethics.  Abe and Roman offer him a deal.  Either, they charge him for graft (which is a felony) or they'll drop all the charges if he fingers John Black.  John and Marlena enter the room shortly, and Abe and Roman get right to questioning John about his shenanigans down at the docks.  Philip also wants in on the action, but Roman tells him to back off.  Paul tells John about the deal the cops offered him, but the cops don't come forth with the hard evidence.  Maybe it was all a bluff.  Marlena wants to leave, but John suddenly starts having memory flashes on Roman's name.  Maybe he's getting his memory back?  He tries to pretend like nothing happened, though.

Back at the pub, Marlena asks John what happened to him at the police station.  She thinks that something triggered his memory.  A little while later, she calls Brady in Switzerland.  After chatting a bit, she passes the phone over to John.

Morgan chews Philip out for trying to bring her father down, and he tells her not to be so naive.  She shouldn't let her love for her family corrupt her judgment, he says.

Bo (Peter Reckell) is feeling terribly about what happened with Chelsea.  (In yesterday's Days of our Lives, Daniel told them all that because of complications from Chelsea's surgery, she won't be able to bear children.)  Bo yells at Daniel, angry that he even let Chelsea go through with the transplant at all.  Lexie (Renee Jones) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) try to calm him down, but to no avail.  Chelsea stirs from her slumber and tells Bo that he should trust Daniel because "next to you, he's the most caring person I know."  Outside, Daniel tells Lexie that he is beginning to doubt his ability to help Chelsea.  He also says that he has gotten too close to his patient and has lost his objectivity.  Lexie asks him accusingly if he is becoming emotionally involved with Chelsea.  Hrm, no one said anything about that to Lexie and Kayla when Bo was in the hospital.  Double standard much?  Lexie says that she won't stand in his way if he wants to be taken off the case, but she doesn't like it.  Daniel doesn't want to tell Chelsea yet that he will no longer be her doctor.

Hope and Chelsea get to have some time alone while Lexie checks out Bo.  Chelsea has something important to tell Hope.  She tells Hope that she had a dream about Zach.  Chelsea beats herself up for taking Zach's life, but Hope shushes her and tells her that God had a plan for Zach's life (saving Claire's life with his liver).  Bo eavesdrops on their conversation.  Lexie brings Bo's latest test results back, and he's got a clean bill of health.

Daniel gives Lexie all of Chelsea's files.  He tries to enter the room to say good-bye to Chelsea, but he chickens out and leaves without saying anything.

Next on Days of our Lives: Stephanie and Max get lovey-dovey, Anna asks Tony if he's involved with Kate, Daniel tells Kate that he's no longer Chelsea's doctor.

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