Days of our Lives: April 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with John (Drake Hogestyn) getting ready for his date with Nicole.  He has sexy saxophone music on, and he has a beautiful spread on the table with romantic candles.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) thinks that it's for her, and is surprised and jealous to hear that it's actually with Nicole Walker Kiriakis.

Victor (John Aniston) goes to the hospital to visit Chelsea, and Nicole tracks him down there, pissed off because Victor kicked her out of his house.  (He apparently kicked Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) out of the house too.)

Stephanie (Darin Brooks) and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) are still canoodling at the pub. Abe (James Reynolds) meets Roman (Josh Taylor) at the pub and tells him that Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla might be in danger.

Chloe tells Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) that she came home and found the maid packing all of her belongings at Victor's orders.  Philip is indignant because he wants her to stay, and promises to set things straight with his father.

Nicole and Victor continue to spat about her being kicked out.  Nicole says that if he goes through with it, she'll spread his dirty little secret around, the secret that will destroy his relationship with his entire family.  Victor plays dumb and says that he doesn't know what she's talking about, but she won't back down.  She leaves for her date.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena tells John that they are still technically married, so it's wildly inappropriate for him to date other women.  He tells her that jealousy becomes her, but she insists that she's not jealous.  Wow, Nicole is managing to get under both Marlena's and Sami's skin.  Anyway, John wants Marlena to act like his wife, read: have sex with him.  The doorbell rings, and before Rolf brings Nicole into the room, he whispers to Marlena that he really was just toying with her and that his date with Nicole is strictly business.  Nicole waltzes in with a super skanky leopard-print dress on.  They sit down to dinner, and John starts laying it on thick with Nicole, inviting her on an impromptu trip to Napa Valley and then to Paris.  This is kind of funny because both of them are really spying on the other.  Marlena eavesdrops from outside the dining room.  Rolf tries to make her go away, but Marlena demands that Rolf reverse John's memory loss.  Nicole asks John about whether their trip will interfere with his business, since he's engaged in a war with Victor down at the docks.  At the mention of the docks, John outs her for spying on him.  He asks her who she's working for, Victor or Philip.  He deduces that it was Philip who put her up to this, but she denies it.  She gets up to leave, angrily, and Marlena intercepts her on her way out and chews her out.  After Nicole leaves, Marlena and John compliment each other on their mean spiritedness toward Nicole.  Maybe these crazy kids will make it after all.

Stephanie and Max decide to take their party upstairs to his room.  Upstairs, Max keeps getting distracted by straightening things up, but Stephanie wants to get down to business and pulls him onto the bed.  Max assures her that she doesn't have to do this, but she says that it feels right.  This is very refreshing!  I like when young female characters are allowed to want sex and not be evil, which is actually kind of rare on soap operas.  Eventually, Max tells her to stop because he thinks that she just wants to sleep with him to get her mind off of her parents' disappearance.  God!  Just let the poor girl have some sex, already!  Anyway, they decide to just cuddle in bed.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) storms over to Angelo and demands to see her husband.  He brings Kayla into the room, where she catches Steve (Stephen Nichols) in bed with Ava.  Kayla starts screaming (this can't be good for the baby), but Steve gets up immediately to explain.  Ava merely sits on the bed, smirking.  They start fighting and Ava gets very angry.  In the next room, Angelo is about to put Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) in separate rooms, so Bo mans up and punches Angelo out.

Steve tries to get the door open because he heard the scuffle between Bo and Angelo.  Ava pulls a gun out from the drawer in her bedside table and promises to kill anyone who walks through that door.  Bo calls in through the door and says he's coming in.  As soon as he opens the door, Steve grabs Ava's gun and then hits her in the face.  But they don't want to leave the compound right away because Stephanie might be in danger, since the henchman is still tailing her.  Steve uses Angelo's phone to call Stephanie, but she doesn't answer because her phone is on vibrate and plus, she's busy gettin' it on with Max.  Bo picks up a gun and forces Angelo into a locked room.

Roman is filled in on Ava's goings-on.  We also learn a bit of information about Ava's father.  His name is Martino Vitali, and Ava is his only offspring.  Abe and Josh catch up with Earl, the snitch who gave Bo the whereabouts of the Vitali compound.  Earl gets antsy because he doesn't like talking to cops.  He tells them where the Vitali compound is.  Roman and Abe sneak over to the compound, and reunite with everyone.  Abe arrests Ava, as she looks reproachfully at Steve.  Ava is definitely a very sympathetic villain, and it doesn't hurt that she's played by Tamara Braun.

Inside, Angelo and the other henchman, Mikey, finally get free.  Bo didn't have the foresight to take away Angelo's phone, so he gets on the phone with the henchman tailing Stephanie and tells him that it's a go.

Philip approaches his father and asks why he kicked Chloe and Nicole out.  Victor turns the tables and asks why he's supporting them both against him.

Stephanie and Max come downstairs.  While Max is back in the kitchen, the henchman sits next to Stephanie and tells her not to make a sound, under pain of death.

Nicole finds Chloe at Chez Rouge and they unexpectedly bond over both being kicked out.  After a while, Chloe gets sick of her, so she tries to leave, but Nicole stops her by saying there is something she needs to know about Victor.  His dirty little secret is that he's known where Brady has been all along.

Next on Days of our Lives: Ava's daddy gets involved.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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