Days of our Lives: April 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 18 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) having breakfast together at the pub.  Chelsea looks pale and listless, causing Kate some concern that she's unwell.  Dr. Daniel Jonas stops by and agrees with Kate and asks Chelsea if she is feeling okay.

Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Nicole agreed upon a deal on yesterday's Days of our Lives in which Philip will make sure Nicole gets a generous cut of Victor's money as long as she spies on someone for Philip.  Today, Philip tells her that he wants her to spy on John Black.

Speaking of John (Drake Hogestyn), he is having an argument with Paul Hollingsworth about Paul's sad state of affairs.

Hope asks Ava why she hates Steve so much.  Ava agrees to share the story.

Daniel gets a call on his cell, so he excuses himself for a moment.  Kate tells Chelsea that she is going to take her home because she is concerned about her pallor.  Daniel notices them leaving.  Kate brings Chelsea back home, where she immediately passes out and falls to the floor.  Luckily, Daniel followed them home to check on her.  She's running a high fever, so Kate calls 9-1-1.  Kate tells Daniel that if Chelsea doesn't pull through, she's going to hold him responsible.  She says that he should never have talked Chelsea into doing the surgery.  The medics arrive.

John promises Paul that he'll keep his end of the bargain and reward him generously, as long as Paul continues to work diligently for him.

Nicole and Philip follow John to the pub.  Nicole grabs a bloody Mary from the waitress' tray and cozies up to John and introduces herself.  Immediately, she starts flirting with him.  She makes some small talk and then asks him out on a date.  He agrees and invites her over to his place later that night.

Philip is waiting outside, and Morgan Hollingsworth comes by and asks him what the hell he's doing.  Morgan knows that Philip is gunning for John Black who is inside the pub, and she asks him why she has to drag her father through the mud too.  Philip invites her to join him for breakfast, but she declines because she's meeting her father there.  Paul shows up and Philip menaces him subtly, or not so subtly.  Paul and Morgan sit down to breakfast, and Morgan complains about John ruining their lives.  Paul tries to sugar-coat the truth, but Morgan sees through him.  He promises that everything will be taken care of and everything will go back to normal.  Morgan gets up to go because she has to meet Chelsea.  She runs into the Kiriakis mansion and is shocked to find Chelsea strapped to a stretcher.  Wow, these are the slowest-moving paramedics ever.

Ava begins her story of how she and Steve (Stephen Nichols) almost eloped in a small chapel in Nevada.  She describes in detail about how she and Patch stared at each other across the room and mouthed the words "I love you" to each other.  Ava makes Steve continues the story about what he did to her on their wedding day.  Steve continues the story, saying that he should have been very happy marrying Ava because he loved her and she looked beautiful.  But he started having strange flashbacks (a flashback in a flashback!) to another wedding - his wedding to Kayla, actually - and he knew that something wasn't right.  He couldn't go through with marrying Ava.  This is the first time Ava is hearing Steve's point of view, and she starts crying.  Before he knew it, Steve stepped backwards and then ran out of the side door of the chapel.  He knew he had to go back inside and explain what was going on to Ava, but then two guys grabbed him and threw him in the back of his own car.  Ava doesn't believe this, but Steve insists that it's true.

Steve switches his story now because he wants to tell Ava about how Stefano DiMera locked him up and brainwashed.  He managed to escape from Stefano, but he didn't know where to go because he didn't remember who he even was.  He was lost, but then he met Ava, and she changed him and gave him a life.  He fell in love with her.  (Kayla listens to this and cries quietly.)  Steve swears on his life and on everything they once meant to each other that he didn't mean to hurt her.  Ava continues the story next.  She realized that Steve wasn't coming back, and the next thing she knew, she was taken to the loony bin in an ambulance, and then her father locked her up in her Compound o' Insanity for her own good.  She screams at him that she hates him for everything that he's done to him.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kate gives Daniel the third degree, Sami withholds her son from EJ until he drops Nicole's case, Ava arranges a little reunion for her father and Patch.

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