Days of our Lives: April 17 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 17 Live Thoughts
The dramatic conclusion of yesterday's Days of our Lives (in which Bo and Kayla stormed Ava's Compound o' Insanity to free Steve and Hope, ending up with Ava pulling a gun out and shooting Hope) is put on hold very briefly.  Today's Days of our Lives begins instead with Nicole (Arianne Zuker) drinking another nightcap and taunting Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).  Philip menaces that Nicole might have made a grave mistake in hiring a DiMera to be her lawyer.  He also asks her why she chose now to come back to Salem, wondering if something happened in Los Angeles.

Okay, now we're back to the Compound.  The last few moments of yesterday's episode are repeated so we get to see Hope falling over from the gunshot wound again.

Philip observes that Nicole looks tense and uncomfortable.  She keeps avoiding Philip's questions.  Just then, Chloe comes home.  I guess the Austrian consulate let her go.  Chloe accuses Nicole of calling the consulate on her, and Nicole finally admits that she did it.  They fight and fight, bringing up old injustices, until Nicole flat out says that Chloe murdered Brady.  Chloe denies it and shoves her.  In a fight, my money is on Chloe.  Philip breaks the fight up.  Philip kindly asks Chloe to go to bed so that he can talk with Nicole in private.  He explains that the only way she can get Victor's money is by divorcing Victor.  (Victor rewrote his will so that if he dies, Philip will get absolutely everything.)  Victor promises to tie up the divorce proceedings indefinitely, until he dies, which means that Nicole will run out of money trying to cut through the legal stuff.  But!  He says that if she gives him what he wants, then he promises to get him a cut of the Kiriakis fortune.  He wants her services.  Ahem, he wants her to work for him.  Things just got interesting!  I didn't see this coming.  He'll get to the details of her employment later, but it will involve spying on someone.  (I'm guessing it's to spy on EJ or John.)  She agrees.

It's the middle of the night and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) sneaks over to Max's room and wakes him up.  She can't sleep because now her mother is missing.  She's now afraid that her father's crazy ex-girlfriend kidnapped both of her parents.  He tries to get her mind off of things and tries to put his arm around her, but she shoves him away.  But then he gives her a hug and promises to do whatever it takes to help her find them.  She apologizes for flipping out when he tried to touch her, and he understands.  Max (Darin Brooks) realizes that Kayla and Bo must be together, and suggests that the best thing they can do is sit tight, considering the Vitalis are a big crime family and getting the cops involved would be unwise.  Stephanie finally agrees, and the two get to canoodling.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) examines Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and sees that the bullet hit her shoulder.  Likely, it didn't hit any arteries, so she'll be alright.  Kayla, Steve (Stephen Nichols), Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope gather themselves and leave the room.  So, let's see.  Kayla is half-incapacitated by her fetus, Bo is still weak from his pancreatic transplant, and Hope has a gunshot wound.  Steve is the only one of the four working at 100 percent.  Not looking good, folks.

Meanwhile, Ava, who was knocked down, sits remembering all the times that Steve promises never to hurt her.  She comes to, and pushes the button to set off the alarm.  One of the Vitali goons hears the alarm and apprehends the escaping foursome.  The four are brought back to Ava's room, and Ava asks Steve how he could lie to her like that.  Ava's head starts pounding again.  She recovers, and then says, "I'm so sick of this.  Kill 'em.  Kill all of 'em."  Steve asks her not to kill any more innocent people and to just focus on him, since he is the culpable one.  Ava sarcastically applauds his speech.  Ava shoves Kayla down, which riles up Steve.  He yells at her to hurt him, so she's all, sure, and pulls a gun on him.  Angelo wrestles the gun away from her, saying that her father wouldn't want her to do the job herself.  Steve says that he never knew Ava to be a monster; if she executes everything, then she really is a monster.  Hope asks Ava why she hates Steve so much.

Next on Days of our Lives: Philip gives Nicole her spying assignment, John puts Paul Hollingsworth back to work, and Ava tells her story of why she hates Steve.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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