Days of our Lives: April 11 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 11 Live Thoughts
On today's Days of our Lives, Anna (Leann Hunley) goes out, dressed to the nines, for a night on the town at a swanky gin bar.  Much to her dismay, she sees Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) there as well, with Kate and Morgan in tow.  Also eating dinner there are Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn).  John proposes a toast to starting their relationship from scratch.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Max (Darin Brooks) sit down for some of Caroline's carrot cake.  Stephanie isn't in the mood to eat cake, however, because she's worried about her parents.  She's really starting to worry because her dad hasn't shown up yet.  Not only that, her mom's stress might cause harm to her baby.

At the hospital, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Bo (Peter Reckell) are still incarcerated in their hospital jammies.  Kayla wants to leave the hospital and find Steve herself.

Morgan is actually at the restaurant having dinner with her father.  Paul Hollingsworth is taking her out to dinner as an apology for worrying her about the bribery charges that he's sustained.  He promises her that things will be different because the person who got him into this mess is trying to get him out of it.  He promises that he isn't going to prison.

Anna snits to Tony that if he plays his cards right, he might be able to get Kate in bed at the end of the night.  Anna goes over and unceremoniously joins Marlena and John's table.  Anna starts macking on John like there's no tomorrow, and this doesn't escape Tony's notice.  John doesn't appreciate Anna's advances, however, and tells her off.  Anna rushes off, and John advises Tony not to let her off the hook for her behavior but also not to ignore her for very much longer.  Marlena goes to check on Anna, and Anna cries that Tony doesn't respect her.  Each woman takes her turn doing the "woe is me" routine.

John assures Tony that Anna only has eyes for Tony.  And with that, John asks whether he can make use of Tony's PR department at his ad agency to help out his friend Paul Hollingsworth, who is having a bit of a press problem.  Morgan and her dad hear their names and join in the conversation.  Paul appreciates that John is trying to get him some positive press coverage.

Marlena is beginning to fall for this new John, it seems, and asks him to dance.  They dance very closely, and Marlena is very happy that she agreed to their date.  Tony tells Anna that she already has him; she only has to let him in.  But Anna stubbornly refuses to share him with the rest of the women in Salem and leaves the restaurant.

Stephanie is concerned about her parents, but feels helpless.  Max has an idea.  He has an idea that might ease her mind.  He always finds visiting Grandpa Shawn's grave comforting because he can really feel his presence there, so maybe Stephanie will feel reassured by visiting there as well.

At the hospital, Kayla doesn't want Bo to leave the hospital, and Bo doesn't want Kayla to leave the hospital, out of concern for both of their healths.  They realize that they are both stuck in the hospital for the time being, but Bo decides to call Victor (John Aniston) over to ask for help.  Victor says that the Vitalis are a mob family in every sense of the word, and advises Bo not to go to the cops.  This refuels Bo's desire to go after them by himself before Ava finds out that Hope's a cop.  The feisty nurse tells them both that their doctors are coming soon to give them another exam.  If they get the thumbs-up, then they'll be free to leave the hospital.

At Ava's Compound O' Insanity, Ava has gotten dressed up in her sexiest black lingerie and set up a cozy dinner for two.  She plans to have an intimate evening in with Steve (Stephen Nichols), and make Hope (Kristian Alfonso) watch the whole thing.  Ava and Steve start kissing, and Hope lunges at Ava.  Angelo handcuffs Hope to her seat, and Ava starts pouring shots for herself and Steve.  Ava has set up a slideshow on her computer with pictures from their glory days together.  Steve stops the slideshow and says he doesn't appreciate that Ava is trying to make his wife jealous, not to mention having Stephanie followed.  He warns her that every time she threatens his wife or his daughter, any chance of reconciliation between them slips away.  This really scares Ava.  Ava begins talking about the first kiss she and Steve shared, and Steve's memory of how in love they were comes flooding back.  Hope tries to snap Steve out of it, but either Steve is a really good faker, or he's really falling back in love with Ava.  Hope begs Steve to look in his back pocket.  There's a picture of the baby's ultrasound in there, and Hope implores Steve not to abandon their baby.  But Steve says no, he belongs with Ava now.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lexie asks Bo what's going on with Hope, Steve and Ava kiss again, Marlena might be changing her mind about John.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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