Days of our Lives: April 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 10 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives is back again today.  The opening scene continues directly from yesterday's Days of our Lives at Chez Rouge.  Maggie joins everyone else in Salem in being super annoyed by Nicole Walker's (Arianne Zuker) reappearance.  Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) has just been tracked down by goons from the Austrian consulate, so she makes a frantic phone call to Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson).  Philip leaves Chez Rouge immediately to help Chloe out.  Meanwhile, Nicole asks EJ (James Scott) to represent her in her case against Victor.

At the pub, Paul Hollingsworth is kvetching to John (Drake Hogestyn) about all the negative press he has been getting for taking bribes.  John reminds him that he owns him, and he better keep John's name out of the press.  Marlena (Deidre Hall) stops by, surprised to see John there.  John expects Marlena to immediately start lecturing him, but she says that she'll let him live his own life.  John wants to start over, but Marlena wants "her"John back.  John suggests that instead of treating him like a patient, she should treat him like a project - turn him into exactly who she wants him to be.  Then, John turns on the charm and lays on the flattery and flirtation nice and thick.  Marlena actually falls for it.

Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) is hanging out with Caroline (Peggy McCay) at the pub for a serving of apple pie and boy talk.  Stephanie confides in Caroline that she misses hanging out with Max, who is so wrapped up with his work at the pub and at the dock.  More importantly, he has been so aloof ever since Grandpa Shawn died.  Caroline offers to talk some sense into Max.  Later on, Max is working at the pub, trying to fix the carbonator in the soda machine, but Caroline wants to talk instead.  She asks him how many hours he worked last week, and he replies 55 or 60.  Caroline assures him that he doesn't need to fill his father's shoes.  She can handle the pub, and he needs to spend more time with Stephanie.  Max joins Stephanie and apologizes for being so unavailable.  She says that he needs to move on and take a break for a little while to clear his head and finish the grieving process.  He gets up and tells Caroline that he'll be taking both their advice and taking some time off.  Caroline gives him a big hug.  Max comes over and gives Stephanie the good news.  She is all smiles and gives him a hug.  They leave to go have fun, but Stephanie is too preoccupied with her dad's disappearance.  She opens up to Max with her worries.

Nicole and Sami bicker and fight.  Sami doesn't want EJ to represent Nicole.  Mickey Horton walks by and agrees that he shouldn't take the case.  Mickey takes EJ aside to talk privately, giving Sami and Nicole the opportunity to escalate their shouting match.  Mickey advises EJ not to take the case, but EJ doesn't think Nicole is all that bad.  He says that he's not in the position to turn down jobs, and he's got a lot of experience dealing with his own father.  EJ breaks up the girlfight going on and takes Nicole aside.  He tells her that he'll consider taking her case, but she has to stop insulting his wife.  Sami steps over and throws a drink in Nicole's face.  Sami is furious to see that EJ might be taking Nicole's case, and fills him in on Nicole's past: Nicole dumped Sami's brother because Kate Roberts paid her $5 million to marry Lucas.  She blurts out that she doesn't want to see EJ get hurt by her, but then corrects herself and says she doesn't want to see Johnny getting caught up in all of this.  I guess Sami does care about EJ, after all!  But it's too late because EJ has already decided to take the case.  EJ makes a deal with Sami: he's going to take the case, but if it turns into a big problem, he'll find Nicole another attorney.  However, Sami says, "No deal, EJ.  It's either her or me."  Nicole comes over and apologizes to Sami.  She wants to make amends, but Sami doesn't bite.  So Nicole pretends to withdraw the offer to have EJ represent her - like we buy it! - so EJ goes running over to her and confirms that he wants to take her case.  But he makes it clear that if she does anything to jeopardize his relationship with Sami, he'll quit.

The Austrians want to take Chloe into custody, but she says she won't go anywhere without her lawyer.  The Austrians say, "Vee can do zis ze easy vay, or ze hard vay."  Philip finally shows up, sans lawyer, as the goons take her away.  Philip yells after them that he'll meet her at the consulate with the lawyer.  Philip realizes that it was Nicole who snitched on Chloe.

Next on Days of our Lives: Anna hits on John, Kayla tells Bo that they should call the police, Ava wants an intimate evening with Steve.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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