BuddyTV High Five: 'Days of Our Lives', April 28, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Days of Our Lives, April 28, 2011.

High Five Highlights:

1. Nicole vows revenge on EJ when she sees he and Taylor kissing.

2. Jennifer tells Daniel she saw him kissing Carly, but when he tells her it was not romantic and meant nothing, she surprises him with a kiss.

3. Sami returns to town and welcomes imposter Rafe back into her life with open arms.

4. EJ takes Taylor on a picnic, where she breaks down and tells him she is in love with him.

5. Chloe has a bad day when her divorce papers are served, but things start to look up when she is approached by a sexy, handsome stranger.


- Will EJ and Taylor's romance be able to survive Nicole's vengeance?

- Is the secret of imposter Rafe finally going to be revealed?

The Last Word: While things may be looking good for Taylor and EJ, Nicole is out for revenge on EJ and starts by investigating the basement where the real Rafe was held. She delivers DNA from the basement to a lab for testing. Carly has decided that Daniel is the only man that can help her, but does not know that Daniel is falling for Jennifer. Jennifer surprises Daniel with a big kiss when he reveals his feelings for her. Sami makes her return to Salem, ensuring the drama with imposter Rafe will pick up. Will Nicole tell Sami what she finds out?