Bjorlin Talks About Chloe's 'Days of our Lives' Comeback
Bjorlin Talks About Chloe's 'Days of our Lives' Comeback
Last Thursday, Nadia Bjorlin made her Days of our Lives comeback as Chloe Lane, and viewers watched as her presence provided for an unfortunate surprise for Martha Madison's Belle Black-Brady.

Upon her return to Salem, Chloe accidentally bumps into Belle in an airport hotel, and she immediately assumes that Belle is on her honeymoon with new husband, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer).  This turns out to be wrong when, lo and behold, Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), Chloe's former flame, steps out of the room.

The shocking encounter is enough to get the wheels in Chloe's head turning, and she immediately places Philip in the hot seat.

"Philip spends the next few episodes trying to convince Chloe that nothing's going on," Nadia Bjorlin told the New York Daily News.  "He says, 'We're just talking about Claire, but we keep it from Shawn to keep Shawn from feeling jealous.'  Chloe doesn't buy it for a second.  She's a smarter cookie than that."

Undoubtedly, there's much trouble up ahead for Philip and Belle, and Chloe herself is going through changes of her own, what with the end of her fairytale marriage to Brady (Kyle Lowder).

"She's not the same naive, sweet Chloe,” Bjorlin said.  “Even though Chloe has always had a bit of cynicism and sarcasm to her, it's been amplified since she went to live abroad, got married and is now divorced."

She added, “It would be easy to say, 'I'm back in town.  I'm divorced.  Now, I want Philip.'  But we're not quite sure what Chloe's intentions are.  She does instigate a little something with Philip, but then she realizes Philip wants nothing to do with her.  He only has eyes for Belle."

As her Days of our Lives character has evolved, so has Bjorlin come to realize how the show has changed since her previous stint.

"I also had a reality check, because we're not the children on the show anymore," she told TV Guide in another interview.  "There's a whole new group of 'kids' now. We're actually in the grown up group.  That's been hard for me to swallow."

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Daily News, TV Guide
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