'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Selling 'Success by Trump'
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Selling 'Success by Trump'
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, it's all about Trump's success -- his new fragrance, that is, called "Success by Trump." The two teams have to create a fragrance display that they'll design and execute from start to finish.

Clay and Aubrey are the project managers for Team Forte and Unanimous, respectively. Team Forte's display is centered around a giant photo of Dayana and a male model looking loving while she's holding the fragrance.

For Team Unanimous, they have a display of New York City buildings with a silhouette of a man -- in this case Donald, Jr. -- looking up into where the fragrance is displayed.

Taking Control

I don't know what else I can say about Aubrey that I haven't said before. But her act is getting predictable, and even Arsenio has figured it out. For this task, she takes complete control. While she does keep her mouth in check, Teresa and Arsenio do absolutely nothing. In fact, Aubrey sends the two of them off to get some supplies that only one person could have done.

Arsenio says Aubrey is bossy and does everything. When she's successful, she wants all the praise. When she is criticized, she puts the blame on everyone else BECAUSE she did everything, and she did nothing.

On the other team, Penn is very assertive in what he thinks their vision should be. It's funny he's so vocal since he practically made Clay be the project manager because this was what he knows and what he's good at.

The Good and Bad

Here's what the execs like and dislike with each team's display:

Pros for Team Forte: Image, overall look of display
Cons for Team Forte: Slogan, brand messaging, size of image, lack of brochure

Pros for Team Unanimous: Brand messaging, sample strip, slogan, mini brochure
Cons for Team Unanimous: Lacked creativity as a whole, the silhouette doesn't make sense

In the end, it's all about what the execs want for their product, but here's my own two cents. Aubrey's entire display is black and gray with some purple silhouette -- hardly anything that sticks out. In fact, it's depressing. Clay's, meanwhile, has that giant, beautiful picture -- complete with the male model wearing a red tie -- that from 50 feet away you can see and want to come closer to look at it.

It's smart of Aubrey's group to go with a quote that Trump said as their slogan. Meanwhile, Penn thought of "You earned it" for theirs, which the executives hate because it sounds pompous. I don't necessarily agree. I mean, is success not earned?

Do you agree? What do you like/dislike about the two displays?

And the Winning Project Manager Is...

It appears there isn't a clear winner for this task. The execs like elements from each team's display but don't feel either one overtook the other's. Because of this, Trump gives the money from himself he usually gives out to the winner and splits it with EVERYONE in the competition -- which is nice.

But in the end ... Aubrey wins. And this part annoys me: She's even a sore winner. Instead of being happy she finally won a task, she dwells in the fact that she didn't win handily.

You're Fired

Trump is going on and on about how on this specific task, the execs specifically praised Dayana. But then he picks on Clay and his role as project manager. I was all but certain Clay was going to get the axe, but then he turns to Penn, who came up with the slogan they hated a lot, and fires him!

I'm glad Clay brought up the fact that he only took the task because Penn wanted him to. Because even after turning the task over to Clay, Penn took control of everything -- essentially, he acted as the project manager.

Trump gives some advice to Clay, though, that makes me wonder whether he'll take it moving forward: That he can't try to please everyone on the team. He has to make a decision and stick with it.

I think the fact that Clay's been able to balance both leading and also getting everyone's feedback is what makes him so likable, but Trump might want someone who's a little more ... cutthroat. Who knows, maybe Clay has that in him because the preview for next week shows that he goes toe-to-toe with Dayana.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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