'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Week Two Curse Hits The Ranch
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Week Two Curse Hits The Ranch
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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It's day two of The Biggest Loser premiere and week two for the contestants. Yes, the dreaded week two. I don't understand the science behind this week two curse, but it happens every single season. I mean, these people are still adjusting and still have so much weight to lose. How is it possible to hit a wall this early on? But, I guess we'll just have to see if the curse strikes for a fourteenth time. 

The Return of the Red Line

The red line, aka "The Quick Cut", is back for week two and will take out the person on the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss. The red line is good, in my opinion. I hate the deliberations and the pleading and the tears. I can appreciate that the red line is purely based on numbers, and numbers don't lie. The red line, along with the numbers that show up on the scale, clearly present the amount of hard work put in to the previous week's workouts.

Three New Gyms

This season, each trainer has designed their very own outdoor fitness facility that they will train the contestants in when they want to leave the BL Gym. Each spot looks hard-core and extremely intimidating. First we arrive at Bob's. He has about 15 hard-bodied gym rats flying through pull ups and tossing weights around like they're getting paid to (which I assume is absolutely the case). Bob's workout pals will be helping him train the contestants this week and go through what looks to be several grueling stations.

Then we head over to "Dolvett's Dungeon." This facility looks even more intense and comes equipped with large ropes and sandboxes. Jackson is still not medically cleared for normal training and is restricted to walking only. I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be. To be there, and to want to be involved in the workouts and not being able to join in? I would walk 500 miles. I would walk 500 more. See what I did there?

Now it's over to Jillian's facility. Jillian's space looks bare compared to the others, and there's a reason for that. She has less gear and stations because she believes that the contestants will be more successful utilizing their own body weight in their workouts as opposed to weights and machines. 

Week two has fewer tears, fewer faints and zero vomit. But, the workouts are still breaking the contestants down. Only a few of them cracked in week one, so the emotional realizations will continue to flow until every single one of them gets to the root of their unhappiness. Jillian is the absolute best at making the contestants crack. Her method of getting there is just brilliant. Push them physically to the point of tears, then stay in their face until they begin to realize what's been holding them back from the lives they deserve to be living. 

Dr. H. Brings the Fear

I love when Dr. Huizenga visits the ranch. He always delivers bad news in the beginning. They wouldn't be on the ranch if they were healthy! Diabetes, sleep apnea, fatty blood, fatty liver, and an onslaught of medications that are needed to currently manage these diseases. The most amazing thing is how many medications become no longer necessary once the weight is lost. Your body does what it's supposed to do if you take care of it. Such a simple concept, right? Yet 80% of people in this country are considered overweight. SERIOUSLY? That is a terrifying number. 

Jillian Softens Her Tone

Jillian meets with her remaining three team members to see why they keep hitting a wall. She makes it clear that Nathan has been doing extremely well, and this really doesn't have much to do with him. It's all about Danni and Pam. Pam and Danni share their needs during workouts, and the goals they are hoping to achieve at the end of this journey, and Jillian offers to do whatever she can to help. 

The Challenge

The contestants are in for a football-themed challenge today, with San Diego Chargers Tight End Antonio Gates guiding them. Sunny, Lindsay and Bingo are back to participate too! YAY! The kids are changing their habits and doing well at home. I cannot get over how wonderful these kids are. The prize for this one goes to them. The winning team will get a $5,000 grant for their school and a special school visit from their favorite NFL player. 

The stations for this challenge are divided into four quarters, and test strength, speed and agility. The fastest team overall wins the prize for their kid. The blue team finishes in third with an overall time of 3:52. The red team comes in second place with a time of 3:40. The white team wins it for Sunny with an overall time of 3:01. 

Fitness Test

The kids take the Biggest Loser Fitness Test, which is the one we all took in school and absolutely despised. I could never do pull ups, not even one. But the three of them will take the test now, and then take it towards the end of the season, so they can see their progress. Clearly all three are behind the national "healthy kid" average, so the trainers give them additional fitness homework, to keep them on track.

Last Chance Workout

Jillian wants her team to see that she isn't the toughest trainer on the ranch. She decides to team up with Bob and they will train the two teams together. Dolvett takes his team to the gym. Despite the fact that these people are still seriously out of shape, they are starting to get it. They are pushing themselves. They are listening to their trainers. They are becoming warriors. They are starting to see that they can achieve their goals. Plus, a few more tears, screams and ... almost vomit.

The Weigh In

Blue team is up first. David loses 9 lbs to start them off. Gina loses 7 lbs. Not bad for week two, eh?! Alex loses 6 lbs. Michael loses 14 lbs! Jeff gets up there last and loses 0 lbs. Goose egg. Silence. The curse makes itself known. Yikes. The overall loss for the team is 36 lbs and 2.35 %. 

The red team is up next and they need to lose more than 31 lbs to avoid the red line. Cate loses 5 lbs. Francelina loses 6 lbs. Jackson has been sick, but did what he could with the restrictions he had, and loses 4 lbs. Joe loses 12 lbs. Lisa is up last and needs to pull at least a 5 to keep the red team safe. Lisa skates by and loses 5 lbs. PHEW! The overall team loss is 32 lbs and 2.38%. 

The white team is the last to go and needs to lose 19 lbs or more to be safe for one more week. Pam is up first and loses 8 lbs. Danni loses 5 lbs. It's all on Nathan's shoulders now. Nathan needs at least 6 to save white. He pulls a 5. Jillian's team loses another member. White is down to two. The overall loss for the team is 18 lbs. 

The Elimination Check-In

Nathan is under the 300 lb mark after some time spent at home, and he looks amazing! Just to send a few more tears down your cheeks, he proposes to his girlfriend on camera and she says yes! Nate has lost 60 lbs to date and hopes to land at 240 lbs for his wedding day. Awww. Go Nate!

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