'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Season of No Excuses
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Season of No Excuses
This Biggest Loser season of no excuses was able to continue after Brian Williams and Chuck Todd were done geeking out about what will prove to a completely inconsequential New Hampshire primary. Once it did, they were quick to drop a bombshell on the contestants that the person with the most weight lost on the winning team can protect someone from the losing team. It should enable players to protect the friends and loved ones with whom they came into the game.

Emily Thanks God That Joe is a Degenerate Gambler

Before the teams can even process the one revelation, Allison asks for two representatives from each team to go play a game of "poker." The two Kims go in for the red team and lay down the gauntlet of 3.8% weight loss for their team that week, or 94 pounds. Emily and Joe have a chance to up the red team's ante if they think their black team could lose more weight, but they waste little time calling their opponents on their lofty goal. Allison further throws water on former wrestler Kim's enthusiasm by informing her that the average second week weight loss in previous seasons is only two percent. It's definitely admirable that the Kim's thinks it's possible, but it sets the stage for an episode where they not only fall short, but where one of the two of them will bear the brunt for the failure.

Big Losers Turnin' Wheels and Solvin' Puzzles

The teams meet their nutritionist Rachel and go on a trip to the grocery store to learn the calorie counts of foods that they could have learned by reading the box. They take their knowledge to the pier and the site of this week's team reward challenge. They have to turn a wheel to get pieces of a puzzle, where the winning team will get all of the members' meals specially catered to their dietary needs for six months. This season is all predicated on the idea that there's no more room for excuses, but what happens after the six months of getting your meals all picked out for you everyday. It seems to just open the door for future excuses. Anyway, the black team wins in a squeaker.

The Weigh-Ins Commence

Former wrestler Kim was the first on the scale and did not come close to what they needed, neither did the other Kim. This was easily predicted as everyone was quick to point out that the second week's losses are substantially lower. Buddy lost a very admirable nine pounds, but they still came in way under their goal of 94. And it turned out that made all the difference as the five pounds the black team gained won them the weigh-in. Chris wins the chance to save Santa and Roy was the week's biggest big loser, which still left both Kim's vulnerable to pay for their outlandish wager. Instead, the red team voted for personal reasons and booted Mike. Mike was hardly a defensible guy, but it was surprising that one of the two who directly cost their team didn't receive any votes.

This week's episode was heavy on reveals about how the game is going to be played this year. The ability for a member of one team to save someone on the other team should add an extra layer of intrigue each week, but it's hard to say what will happen when the person with the power to keep someone has lost their counterpart on the other team. It would have been a little more interesting if the protection was granted PRIOR to the week of weight loss to see how it affected the immunized person's effort level that week. Think about it if you're reading out there Bob.

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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